How to Get Rid of Tattoos?

For many years, people have decorated their bodies with pictures and words that provide others with some idea of what they think and what they are interested in. In most cases these images on the skin were there forever. It just wasn’t possible to easily remove tattoos.

Oh, there were some methods that would get rid of a tattoo but most of them involved pain and even some permanent scarring of the tattoo area. Recently a company has developed a way to remove tattoos completely with a minimum of pain or after effects. Let’s look at several tattoo removal methods, including the latest process.

Marvelous Laser
Doctors have used laser techniques for all sorts of procedures, including surgery. This is now a popular way to remove tattoos. The highly-focused laser beam can actually destroy the tattoo by breaking it up. Laser light attacks the ink of the tattoo and the fragments are eliminated by the body. Unfortunately, the laser method can be painful, during and after the procedure. Scarring and blisters may result from laser removal.

Laser technology has been fine tuned so that it is not as painful as before and it doesn’t scar the skin as much as it did in years past. In addition, this method can be expensive. You may have to go through half a dozen sessions or more to achieve complete removal. Light pulses are similar to laser technology but may be less painful. Light pulse techniques are generally less expensive as well.

In the past, people who wanted to remove a tattoo resorted to scrubbing it away with sandpaper or something that was just as abrasive. This was quite painful and left permanent scarring. In some cases, these individuals had a doctor cut the tattoo out and repair the skin as well as possible.

Creams and Lotions?
Get Rid of TattoosIt may seem odd to suggest that you can remove a tattoo with a lotion or cream. In fact, the information about success with removal creams is probably overstated. Tattoo color often fades after these products are applied but they don’t disappear. This method can be very expensive and may not produce results that justify the expense. Users do report significant fading of tattoos after four months or more.

It may be possible to fade tattoos with a salt-and-water solution. This method might work on older tattoos if the solution is tattooed directly over the original. Reports from people who have tried this state it isn’t very reliable. You can always resort to covering up the tattoo with a new tattoo or an unsightly patch of solid color. At least the tattoo won’t be visible anymore. You can also wear clothing and arm sleeves designed to cover up tattoos on forearms.

Whatever the method, make sure you understand as much about it as you can before you proceed. Read about tattoo removal, ask people who have had tattoos removed and talk with your doctor and tattoo artist about procedures that are safe and effective.

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