How to Get Rid of THC Traces?

For some people who are subject to random drug testing in connection with their jobs, eliminating traces of tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) is an important task. Scientific research has shown that THC, the active ingredient in marijuana, may remain in the body for three days or much more, sometimes as long as 90 days. This can occur whether the THC enters the body through smoking or eating.

It is difficult to explain how to get all traces of THC out of the body since there are a number of factors to consider. Some people have a higher metabolism, which means that these individuals won’t retain THC traces for very long – a few days at most. A person who is unhealthy (whose metabolism is slowed or is malfunctioning) might find that the body retains THC for much longer periods, up to a couple of months. Body weight can also influence how long THC remains in the system. Add to this the different methods of testing for traces of THC and there are too many questions to answer.

THC is known to be the most active of the many chemicals in marijuana, which comes from the cannabis plant. Getting rid of THC traces also depends on how much of the chemical is put into the body in the first place. Cannabis plants can have various strengths and this will affect any attempts to rid the body of traces completely. If a person smokes on a consistent basis, adding THC to the system several times in succession, it will be a bit more difficult to get it out of the body.

THC TracesA small amount of THC from smoking only once may leave the body completely in three or four days. A person who smokes occasionally might find that traces remain for 10 days to two weeks. Some people smoke marijuana several days a week or even every day. If they stop completely it may take two or three months for all the THC to leave their system, especially if they don’t take any action to help flush the traces from the body.

But there are some things that will help cleanse the body of THC. A more active lifestyle will speed up the body’s processes and eliminate the chemical more quickly. There is a connection between THC stored in the body and body fat. Metabolites of the psycho-active chemicals that enter the body through marijuana use are stored in the fat cells, which are present throughout the major organs in a person’s body. Exercise and proper diet can help the body get rid of fat and THC, through urination and excrement.

It’s also possible to speed up the THC-elimination process by drinking clear liquids, water and some fruit juices. These help increase urination, which may carry with it some of the chemical traces. With some careful shopping and a bit of homework some people might be able to get rid of traces with commercial products such as special shampoos. It will also help to urinate two or three times before a possible drug test. This will get rid of some of the THC early on.

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