How to Get Rid of the Chills?

Where do “chills” come from? Why do we get chills when something frightens us or surprises us, but also get chills when we are sick and have a fever? In this limited space we will only be able to discuss the chills we get when we don’t feel well. We might be able to come up with a few ways to get rid of chills or to avoid getting sick and feeling chills.

Most of the medical information about chills mentions them in the same sentence as shivers or shivering. In some cases we might start to shiver and feel chilled when we are truly cold. Doctors understand that chills occur when our bodies are telling us that we will probably develop a fever in the very near future.

White Cells and Muscles
If we are suffering from an infection the white blood cells in our bodies go into action. In addition, the brain sets in motion a process that restricts the blood vessels. We shiver because this activity generates some extra body heat. As mentioned earlier, we might get chills when we are exposed to cold temperatures. We might also get chills and shiver when our bodies are experiencing an infection (bacteria or virus).

Goodbye Chills
It is possible to limit the effect of chills. We may be able to get rid of them altogether, in some cases. We know that chills and shivering may be a sign of an oncoming fever. If we focus on treating the fever with some medications available at the local store, we might be able to reduce chills. As soon as you feel chills or signs of fever, take something with ibuprofen or acetaminophen as a first response.

Get Rid of the ChillsAnytime you feel chills or think a fever may be developing, you should drink plenty of fluids or fruit juices then allow yourself to get plenty of rest. You can combine these steps with putting on another layer of clothing or crawling under a blanket. Keep yourself warm so that you don’t shiver or feel chilled. Fever may come anyway but at least you have eliminated some of the uncomfortable shivering. If you are experiencing increased body temperature that indicates you already have a fever, don’t bundle yourself in extra clothing or blankets. This is best when used at the very beginning of a fever/chills episode.

Here are a few other ideas for getting rid of chills: Don’t drink alcoholic beverages; Take a warm bath but don’t sit in water that is too hot; When the fever has started, dress in lightweight clothing; visit your doctor as soon as possible. Don’t panic when you feel chills. This is a natural reaction when we are actually cold or when we have an infection. Just take a few of these simple steps and get rid of the chills if you can.

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