How to Get Rid of Thick Eyebrows?

It really doesn’t matter if you are male or female, one of the most frustrating and embarrassing characteristics for human beings is thick eyebrows. Having enough hair between the eyebrows to give the appearance of a “unibrow” is even worse.

But you don’t have to live with thick eyebrows. You can shape them to give your face the appearance you desire. Keep in mind that you don’t want to go too far when changing the thickness and shape of your eyebrows. A little bit of change might be enough.

Not 100 Percent Perfect
Nearly everyone knows a person whose eyebrows are just too perfect. Some people might think that getting the eyebrows perfect is the goal. But when you decide to thin and shape your eyebrows, allow for a little of the natural look. Otherwise you might give the impression that you are a mannequin!

Consider waxing. This is a quick method for getting rid of excess hair. Be careful with this process though. Waxing can create lines and shapes that look artificial. Men should be especially cautious when waxing eyebrows.

You might want to give serious thought to plucking individual eyebrow hairs. This gives you a bit more control over shape than waxing does. You will have to be very patient when plucking hairs. This can even cause minor pain. If you have a very close friend or a family member you may be able to enlist their help. This method allows you to start slowly and remove just a few extra eyebrow hairs. You can always go further if it seems to be working.

There is another method for hair removal. It’s called threading. This is a process that will probably require you to go to a beauty salon or a spa that has a threading specialist. This is another process that gives you control of the amount of eyebrow hair being removed. Talk with a beauty specialist about this process and get some idea of cost and time before making a decision.

What’s Needed?
Thin EyebrowsOne of the first things you should do when thinking about reducing eyebrow thickness is take an honest look at those eyebrows. Are they really far too thick to live with? If you actually have thick, thick eyebrows it may be time to thin them down with some careful plucking. Thick eyebrows that are shaped too well by waxing and trimming may not look a lot better than the original.

If the eyebrows are not too thick but there seems to be just one of them – the unibrow – you may be able to take care of this on your own with some careful plucking. Tip – Seek out a professional who can do the job and give you an honest opinion of what is needed.

Consider a combination of two or more of the above methods. You can wax carefully along the edges of the brows then pluck some individual hairs to reduce thickness. You may even want to remove a few hairs from between the brows to give them more definition. Be patient and don’t get carried away with looking “perfect.”

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karen wrote:

I disagree, thick eyebrows frame the face quite nicely. It makes your face look softer. Sparse thin eyebrows on the other hand look bad. They make your face look older and harsher. Threading and waxing should be used to give them shape not make them thinner, that’s how you end up with Pamela Anderson brows…yuck.

Saroj wrote:

Thnx a lot

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