How To Get Rid Of Tomato Sauce Stains?

Nearly everyone has had to take steps to remove tomato sauce stains from clothing and tablecloths. It seems this is just one of the things that we have to do if we are going to enjoy spaghetti or any other food that calls for a tomato sauce.

Fortunately, we have found a number of steps we can take to get rid of these stains, the first of which is to remove as much of the sauce as possible with a spoon or knife. Scrape off the excess gently so that you don’t damage the fabric. Once you have the extra sauce out of the way you should use cold water to rinse the stain from the back! Almost every piece of advice about tomato stains emphasizes running the cold water through the fabric in the direction opposite to which the stain was made.

Now, Detergent
It’s time to put a little liquid detergent on the stain. You can rub this into the fabric gently. It’s probably best to use a circular motion as you rub. White fabric can be treated with some type of bleach product, though this should be used carefully and sparingly. White vinegar is a good idea here, as is hydrogen peroxide at full strength. Vinegar should be mixed with plenty of water so that the acid content of the mixture isn’t too high.

If you apply the detergent once again and the bleaching product (on whites) again you should begin to see the stain disappear. In fact, a lot of that stain should now be gone. Use a stain-removal spray or stick after these initial treatments. Let the stain remover stay on the fabric for several minutes. Then you can wash the item per instructions. Inspect the fabric carefully after washing to see if all the stain has been removed. Don’t dry the garment or tablecloth if there is still some evidence of stain. This may just set it into the fabric even more.

More Tools for Stain Removal
Tomato Sauce StainsTomato sauce stains can be quite stubborn. The above steps should be enough to remove stains if you get to them immediately. For a particularly stubborn stain you may have to soak the treated and washed item in warm water for half an hour or more. Rinse it completely and check for evidence of the stain. If necessary, reapply the stain-removal spray or stick and wash again. If possible, dry the item in direct sunlight rather than in the dryer. This may help remove trace evidence of tomato color.

Finally, you may have to go to a tomato-stain remover. Ask your store manager whether this item is available. You may have some success with Borax as a cleaning product. But you may have to pre-treat the stain as described above. Tomato sauce stains are going to happen. Keep some white vinegar, lemon juice, stain stick and Borax around just in case you have to remove that stubborn stain from your clothes or a fine tablecloth.

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