How To Get Rid Of Tooth Stains?

Stained teeth were a fact of life for our ancestors. The technology didn’t exist to get rid of tooth stains once they had caused discoloration. People usually had to live with the stains. Today we know a lot more about what causes tooth stains and we can do a lot to prevent this condition. We also have the technology to return our teeth to their “pearly white” state.

If you are a smoker or if you drink tea or coffee on a regular basis you will probably notice some yellow or brown stains on your teeth. If you are young enough not to have stained teeth yet, you can prevent much of this discoloration by avoiding tobacco products, coffee and tea.

Thanks to Heredity
We can cause our teeth to become stained by practicing poor dental hygiene and by using food products that cause the tooth surface to change color. But there is another cause for tooth stains that is internal. Known in the dental world as intrinsic stains, this change in tooth appearance may come from the use of some medications, aging or advanced tooth decay that may have also afflicted your ancestors.

It may seem that it is too late to do anything about tooth stains and in some cases this is true, unless we choose a tooth-bleaching process. However, you should immediately start to develop good habits of oral hygiene. Brush your teeth immediately after eating, even it is a snack. Try to devote more time to brushing. Most people spend a minute or less on this habit. Dentists know that five or ten minutes of gentle brushing are often necessary to really have an effect on tooth appearance and health.

Change Drinking Habits
We’re not referring to alcoholic beverages here. What we need to do to prevent further tooth stains is avoid drinking tea, coffee or soft drinks or at least limit them significantly. In addition, after drinking one of these beverages or after meals we should drink some fresh, clean water to rinse the mouth. Many people like to keep their teeth clean by eating an apple, fresh carrots or a similar natural item. These fruits and vegetables can help remove food particles and also have some mild abrasive effect that may keep the teeth from staining.

Of course, one of the most important steps you can take to get rid of tooth stains is stop smoking. The oils and tars in tobacco are notorious for staining teeth. These substances can actually penetrate the tooth surface slightly and make stains even harder to remove.

Tooth StainsTry some good old baking soda instead of tooth paste when it comes down to removing as much of the tooth stain as possible. There are some retail products that might help whiten the teeth. You may have to visit your dentist for a professional cleaning. You can ask him about the whitening processes developed in recent years. Your dentist will also help you determine how much of your tooth staining is from external causes and how much may be due to overall health and diet.

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