How To Get Rid Of Trash Can Smell?

You may not have to invest in deodorized trash bags and trash-can air fresheners if you take a few simple steps to get rid of trash can smell. We have trash cans in the kitchen, in the bathroom and in other areas of the home, as well as in strategic locations in business buildings and offices. At one time or another, these trash cans may give off an offensive odor or a stale smell.

Nearly everything we drop into a trash receptacle may cause an odor eventually (if it is left there long enough). The smallest piece of leftover pizza, a few remnants from fruit rinds or the packaging from food items can all help create this disturbing smell. Of course, you can mask this with deodorizers as mentioned earlier. But you may want to try some home remedies and prevention to really get to the root of the problem.

Smell In, Smell Out
Maybe the best way to address the problem of trash-can odor is to prevent it. Keep in mind that the items you toss in the trash can don’t go away. In fact, there really is no “away,” especially when it comes to food items. If you mix a few things in the trash can you can create a smell that is more than unpleasant. The odor can become downright unbelievable.

Try separating some of the items you toss into a trash can. For example, rather than throw food waste in with papers and wrappings etc. why not put some of those food remnants in a closed container, such as an old drink container or a leftover cardboard food package. This might not eliminate the problem completely but you have made the first step toward reducing trash-can smell.

Recycle, Recycle
Trash CanAnother great way to reduce odor in and around the trash can involves rinsing out empty drink containers and then recycling them. Set up a separate bin for aluminum cans, plastic milk containers, cardboard and so on. You can also provide a separate receptacle for unneeded office papers, paper wrappings etc. If you don’t want to enclose food waste and leftovers in some sort of closed container, start a composite pile in the backyard. This will eliminate a large portion of trash-can smell.

Once you have taken the step toward separating trash and garbage, and recycling items that will be accepted by your local recycling program, you should give some attention to the trash can itself. You can reduce or eliminate the stale or foul smell by washing out the trash receptacle and allowing it to dry completely before reusing it. If you sprinkle a small amount of baking soda in the bottom of the can after the can is dry you will find that this also helps hold down the “aroma.” Some people use charcoal briquettes for the same purpose. A few drops of vanilla extract will also mask any remaining odors for a short time. Try these simple steps and do away with trash can smell.

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