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How To Get Rid Of Twinge?

Posted By jaspreet On August 6, 2010 @ 5:56 am In Health,Pain Management | No Comments

Before we can take steps to get rid of a twinge, we have to understand just what a twinge is. We also need to know whether this might be a sign of some more serious illness or injury.

If you experience a sudden sharp pain anywhere in your body you could consider this a twinge. Sometimes we get this sharp pain in our back, if we have been sitting or standing too long in one position. If we have worked especially hard and our muscles ache, we might get a twinge of pain when we move a certain way. If we have suffered a cut or scrape on the skin we could feel a sudden sharp pain in that area.

Focus on the Twinge
Let’s assume for now that this twinge isn’t a sign of something bigger or more serious. You just have a pain that occurs suddenly in a very specific area and you want to get rid of it. Retail stores sell pain-relief products that will address most of the minor aches and pains of life, including the occasional twinge. These usually work by blocking the pain messages to and from the brain.

There is a wide range of pain relief medicines, including salicylate, paracetamol and tramadol. Some are meant for mild pain and twinges that nearly everyone experiences sometime in their lives. Others, like tramadol, are a bit stronger and are usually reserved for more extreme pain. Some of these pain-killing ingredients are used in creams or ointments that are placed directly on the affected area. These might work well if you have a regular twinge in a particular muscle or joint.

Twinge in the Head
If the twinge of pain occurs in the head area, such as around the temple, you might need to use a mild pain reliever and then put alternate putting warm and cold compresses on the area. Temperature changes can reduce the pain and may help keep the slight twinge of pain from becoming something bigger.

BackIf you continue to have this type of sharp pain you should probably discuss it with your doctor. He may be able to prescribe a slightly stronger medicine. The doctor might also recommend some changes in lifestyle, more rest etc. These changes have been known to eliminate some of the minor sharp pains we all experience.

You might also employ the help of a close friend or family member who is capable of giving you a massage. If the pain you feel is in your back or legs, for example, a mild pain reliever and a gentle massage may take care of the problem. However, you shouldn’t take twinges of pain too lightly, especially if there are other symptoms that might indicate a more serious problem. Pay close attention to what your body is trying to tell you when you get that twinge of pain. Sometimes a warm bath and rest is all you need. But you may have to take more aggressive steps if the twinge is a regular visitor.

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