How To Get Rid Of Water Bugs?

A common household pest is the water bug. They look like large cockroaches making them nasty to kill and really horrible to live with. They live on the bottoms of bodies of water like lakes, ponds, and streams and will give very painful stings. They will come into your house through windows, doors and pipes, and they also like swimming pools. Fortunately a water bug problem can be easy to solve.

Water bugs likes dark and damp, so clean out your closets, basement, and garage including the clutter. Even just a surface cleaning of the dust and dirt can help keep the water bugs from settling in. It will also help to keep a dehumidifier running in your basement or garage if it has a tendency to collect moisture.

Water BugsVinegar is another deterrent. You should pour several cups of it down all the drains on your ground level including, showers, tubs, and garages. Run your dishwasher empty and use a cup of vinegar instead of detergent. If you want to be really thorough, you can take the strainer off the drain and use a rag soaked in the vinegar to clean the top three to six inches of the pipe. It’s going to be an ugly job but discouraging to water bugs who might think about making your pipes their home.

Water bugs will eat pet food, so keep yours in sealed containers and always clean up after your pets if they leave bits of food on the floor when they eat.
If you don’t have pets or young children, you can sprinkle borax in the corners and cracks and around the outside of your house. The bugs will carry it back to the colony and eventually it will kill all of them.

On the outside of your house, clear away plants from your entrances and windows. Again, this removes damp, dark and dirty places where the bugs like to live. If they have invaded your pool, you can get rid of them with liquid dish soap. Lemon Joy seems to be the best one to use. Turn off the pump, so there is no movement in the water. Add a few tablespoons to the surface of your pool. This will create a film across the surface that will trap the bugs under water, causing them to eventually drown. You should be able to use your pool net to scoop the dead bugs off the water.

If the water bugs are coming from a body of water near your home, you can treat it with BTIs, or Bacillus Thuringiensis. Also know as mosquito dunks, BTIs are dropped into the water source every thirty days to kill the bugs’ larvae.

Finally, if you are still having trouble, you should consult a professional exterminator.

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Venessa wrote:

WOW!! found a waterbug last night, i live in Pretoria, South Africa. is this common in South Africa?

sharon wrote:

I just moved to Arizona and last night I had a waterbug in the bedroom just off of the bathroom. Boy are these things scary. It’s the first one I have seen. So I will try pouring the vinegar down the drains and see if that helps.

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