How To Get Rid Of Water Marks From Wood?

In the normal course of life we seem to spill liquids and get spots on wood furniture. That’s just the way things go, it seems. When a glass of water sits on a wood table, for example, it may leave a ring. This may be caused by the chemicals that are in our tap water and by the liquid itself. Once the liquid dries we see the residue of calcium or other minerals. The liquid can even penetrate a surface that is finished with a lacquer or varnish.

Have no fear; these can be removed without damaging the furniture. One of the most effective substances for removing these water marks is cigarette ash. This may surprise some folks. Others may reject it immediately because they are not going to light a cigarette anywhere near their home. But if you decide this might be worth a try, just put a little cigarette ash on the spot and rub it in with your finger. If you spray on a small amount of furniture polish and buff the spot you should see no evidence of the water mark or spot.

You can go one step further by mixing cigarette ash and olive oil to make a paste-like substance. Put this on the mark and rub it gently and slowly into the surface. The stain should disappear as you work the paste around the area. This seems to be a particularly good technique for darker woods that have a polished finish.

Lubrication Helps
Use a liquid furniture polish or a petroleum jelly product like Vaseline. Put this substance on the spotted or marked area and let it stand overnight or for a full eight-hour day. The polish or Vaseline will gradually replace the trapped moisture. You can leave this substance on for a bit longer if the water mark is particularly stubborn. Wipe the surface with a soft cloth to remove any remaining evidence of water mark.

Heat sometimes helps remove water marks from wood furniture, especially if the moisture has collected just below the finished surface. A blow dryer will help remove these marks, especially if used in combination with one of the methods mentioned above. A laundry iron will work if you place a towel over the stained spot (so you won’t burn the wood surface).

Water Marks from WoodSome advice for removing water marks and spots from wood furniture suggests using denatured alcohol. However, this substance may actually cause more damage. If you insist on trying this method of water-mark removal be very, very careful. You should never let the cloth stop in contact with the wood. Put a small amount of alcohol on the cloth and keep it moving at all times.

You’ll be better off trying mayonnaise! Put a small amount of mayonnaise on a paper towel or small cloth then press the marked area with a light touch. You can leave the mayonnaise on the surface for a few minutes if necessary. Adding a bit of baking soda to the mayonnaise might help but be careful not to rub so hard that you damage the surface.

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