How To Get Rid Of Window Streaks?

Cleaning the windows in your home is not as simple as spraying them down with a hose from the outside and rubbing them with soap and water from the inside. This will remove the dust and grime that clings to glass. But washing windows with tap water and soap creates an additional problem – spots and window streaks.

You probably have what you need to clean the windows thoroughly. The first item is in your pantry or in a kitchen cabinet. Find a bottle of vinegar and get ready to use it to remove those streaks. You should probably clean the windows in two steps. Wash them with water and detergent to get the bulk of dirt and grime off the glass. This preliminary cleaning can also be accomplished with a spray-on window cleaner.

Put two cups of vinegar in a two-gallon bucket of water and use this to hand-wash or spray-wash the windows. Most people use a soft, clean cloth for the drying process but this may still leave some streaks. Some of the window-cleaning advice urges people to use old newspapers as part of the cleaning process. The newspaper seems to keep the windows from streaking, according to this advice.

Property owners sometimes hesitate to use old newspapers to wipe the vinegar/water mix off their windows. Your local hardware store may have a specific type of cloth meant for cleaning windows. Talk to your hardware professional about this product.

Water from the tap contains minerals like calcium and manganese that will add to window streaks and can leave residue when the water dries. Getting rid of the white, crusty spots is rather easy too. You just need to use a bit more vinegar and less water to make a solution that will cut through the spots. Some homeowners use a dishwashing/cleaning pad such as SOS or Brillo to get the dried white deposits off after washing their windows.

Window StreaksHowever, you can use the vinegar/water solution mentioned in the beginning of this article to remove both window streaks and many of the spots that may have been left after a rain or an earlier cleaning.

Professional window cleaners don’t use cloth rags. You probably shouldn’t use cloth either. In fact, paper towels are not good for a thorough window cleaning! Even these “paper” products will leave traces of lint behind. If you use vinegar and water along with a squeegee or those special towels you will not have to worry about window streaks. Consider using newspaper as suggested above. This may seem odd, but it won’t leave streaks or residue behind.

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