How To Get Rid Of Yahoo Toolbar?

Many people have downloaded and enjoy using the Yahoo Toolbar as part of their web browser. They find the quick access to email and other features useful. However, it does use memory and that can slow down your computer, especially if it is a little older. So if your older model computer is slower than it was, it may be close to memory capacity. Removing or disabling the Yahoo Toolbar could help speed things up. There are several methods you can use to either disable or remove it. If you just want to disable it you can do so through the settings of your browser. Your computer’s task manager will also provide a way to disable the toolbar.

The first way to remove the toolbar uses the uninstall button. Click on the pencil icon on the toolbar. Look for the uninstall button that is usually located on the left part. It may be hidden, so you might have to click on the down arrow. Click the uninstall button, and a dialogue box will appear. Click OK. This will remove the toolbar from your memory.

Yahoo ToolbarThe second way you can get rid of the toolbar is through your Control Panel, the central control of your operating system. This is what you will need to do if the Yahoo Toolbar is corrupted and won’t delete itself. Open the Start menu and click on Settings. Under settings you will find a link to the Control Panel. Look for the Add or Remove Programs icon and click on it. This will open a list of installed programs that includes Yahoo Toolbar. If you click on Yahoo Toolbar an uninstall button will appear. Click on it, and the toolbar will be removed from your memory.

A third way to remove the toolbar is through the Task Manager, the program that shows what programs are running on your computer and the memory they are using. Open the Task Manager by holding down Control Alt and Delete or Control Shift Escape, or using Run under the Start menu and typing Taskmgr.exe. Once the Task Manager is open click on the Process Tab. Click and highlight Yahoo Toolbar from the list of running processes. Click the End Process button on the lower-right.

Then disable/uninstall Yahoo Toolbar using your browser. Open a browser window, and click on the Tools menu. Click Manage Add-ons, and highlight Yahoo Toolbar. In Explorer, the Setting box will be activated. Choose the Disable button and click OK. For Firefox, you can choose between disable and uninstall. Choose whichever one you want.

If you want to reinstall the toolbar, you will have to go to Yahoo’s web site. First make sure your computer fits the requirements, and then click on Download Yahoo Toolbar.

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