How To Prevent Bone Cancer?

Bone cancer is the sarcoma of the bones. Osteosarcoma is the most common type of the bone cancer. Osteosarcoma develops in the tissues of the augmenting bones. Chondrosarcoma is other very common types of the bone cancer, it develops in the cartilage. Last year 2000 new cases of bone cancer were reported in United States of America. Bone cancer can develop in nay bone of the human body, but it most common in the bones of legs and arms. Bone cancer is not common in adults; main targets of the bone cancer are adolescents and children. A case of bone cancer in older adults is the result of spread (metastatic) of some other body tumor.

Types of bone cancer
bone-cancerBone cancer can be categorized into various types. Most commonly occurring types of bone cancer are osteosarcoma, chondro sarcoma, Ewing’s sarcoma, fibrosarcoma, chordoma and malignant fibrous histiocytoma. From al these types osteosarcoma is the most common type of bone cancer. It occurs in children and younger kids (age of 10-20). Second most common type of the bone cancer is chondro sarcoma and it commonly occurs in adults. Ewing’s sarcoma usually strikes the persons of age 10 to 25; in fact teenagers are much more susceptible to this type of bone cancer. Ewing’s sarcoma mainly affects the long bones (upper arm and thigh) and hipbones. It is also common in ribs.

As mentioned before, main targets of chondro sarcoma are adults. Chondro sarcoma tumor develops in cartilage. Cartilages are the rubber type tissues present around the joints. Most common symptoms of chondro sarcoma are- severe pains and swelling around joints, tenderness of the effected bones.

Treatment of bone cancer
It’s extremely important to know about the type of a bone cancer, because treatment of the bone cancer depends upon its type, size, stage and location. Surgery is the most efficient treatment against bone cancer. In some cases in stead of regular surgery, cryosurgery is required in order to dissolve the bone tumor. In surgery, doctors remove the whole tumor and they also remove surrounding area of the tumor (part of normal bone). Removal of surrounding area is important in order to avoid the risks of re-induction of the bone tumor. Some other efficient treatments are- radiation, chemotherapy and amputation.

Radiation therapy is painless and very efficient. It helps in destroying the radiosensitive tumors of the body. Radiation therapy can not be designated as a full flashed therapy. But it is very useful, when combined with some other therapy, because radiations are efficient to dissolve new tumors only.
Another treatment called chemotherapy is necessary after surgery. Actually, surgery is useful in removing the main tumor of the body but then chemotherapy is extremely necessary in order to remove the remaining cancer cells from the body of the patient. In some cases, chemotherapy can also be used even before surgery. This helps in decreasing the size of the main tumor. Moreover, some medications like biphosphonates are also important in treatment of bone cancer. Biphosphonates are special medicines which help in decreasing the bone pain. These medicines also participate in reducing the risks of bone injury.

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