How to uninstall Windows Vista?

Vista removal is o be done and there are 3 different ways depending on the requirement.

uninstall-windows-vistaCase 1: Vista is to be removed and another operating system like XP is to be installed in its place

Following steps are to be executed
1. Boot the computer with the Windows XP installation CD
2. Setup options will open there type R to repair a present installation
3. Type “fixboot C:\” press enter (C:\ is the root directory where vista exists, It can be any directory)
4. Type “fixmbr C:\” press enter
5. Type “EXIT” press enter
6. After that close the Windows XP setup and reboot the machine with the bootable CD
7 type following format C:\ at the command prompt
8. Reboot with the Windows XP CD in CD/DVDROM drive
9. Proceed to install windows XP.

Case 2: Vista is installed as an upgrade to Windows XP

The steps in this case are same as case 1

Case 3: Windows vista is installed along with another version of windows on a separate partition

1. In the boot menu select windows XP
2. In your DVDROM insert windows vista installation DVD and close the option that pops up.
3. Go to button Start then to run and there type following
“e:\boot\bootsect.exe /nt52 ALL /forceā€ (remove quotes, remember to replace e: with the drive letter of DVDROM where vista DVD is inserted).
4. Restart and reboot via windows XP
5. In the drive where vista was installed format it.
6. Remove following files (Boot.BAK & Bootsect.BAK) on XP root drive (e.g. C:\)

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