Is WWE Wrestling Real Or Fake?

The answer, according to most people who know the wrestling world, is not “yes” or “no,” it’s actually a combination of the two. How can that be, you may ask? Well, most of the participants and promoters who are willing to talk about it say that the sport of professional wrestling in the WWE follows a script in which the winners are determined before the match begins.

wwe-wrestling-real-or-fakeCharacters created by the wrestlers and their promoters are written into a story that provides general guidelines for how the match is to be conducted and how it is supposed to end. In this sense, WWE wrestling is entertainment, just as a movie or a stage play would be. Many people pay to watch this entertainment, knowing full well that it is scripted.

What many defenders of WWE wrestling point out however, is that the athletic ability and physical activity is very real, even if the wrestlers aren’t hitting each other as hard as it might seem. Real injuries occur, some that shorten a career or even put an end to a career. In this sense it is very real.

So, the answer to the question “fake or real?” is a combination of “yes” and “no.” Some defenders compare it to other shows that are based on true events, or created to give the illusion of reality, such as crime shows and even soap operas. The emotions, movements and conversations are real, even though they follow a well-defined pattern.

Among the opinions of fans of WWE wrestling, you will find similar opinions. Most of them realize that the storyline of good vs. evil is fiction. They also understand that both participants know how long the match is going to last and who is supposed to prevail. There are certain points within the match at which one wrestler appears to be in control. This is temporary, however, because the opponent is also given a moment to shine. Of course, all of this is determined well before hand, in planning meetings that are not much different from those associated with other shows.

Some people have claimed that a few wrestlers will create wounds with razor blades and other techniques so that the audience is even more thrilled and involved in the match. Yet fans do not take issue with this, as some point out that this method is used even more extensively in movies. The key is to realize that WWE wrestling is entertainment, just like a favorite action or horror film.

One of the key arguments about WWE wrestling is that fans should just accept it as entertainment but also should appreciate that the professional wrestlers are athletes, stunt performers and acrobats all in one. Perhaps the thrill of professional wrestling is similar to that of NASCAR. Fans realize that the drivers aren’t on the highway, really chasing each other. They are in a sport, even if the finish isn’t scripted. However, some fans are there to see the crashes, just as there are wrestling fans there to be entertained, while hoping to see someone get hurt.

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adel wrote:

I enjoy watching WWE wrestling, it is not fake.Sometimes me and my friends watch it together.No player make injury marks using razor.

Lawson wrote:

I need a frank answer…Is wwe real of fake? i am a very Strong fan of wwe and i would like to know please..

maniknata wrote:

My fellow students are watching WWE everyday. so please inform WWE organizers to make a comment before the game. that this is not real just dupe.

nick case wrote:

Wrestling is real because all moves are real.


I am a very strong fan of WWE. Every time I have problem with my friends over this issue if WWE is real or fake, please I want to know if some of the fights are real and some are fake or if I should take it as action movies. Thanks.

Dansu wrote:

WWE The answer, according to most people who know the wrestling world, is “both” real and fake, it’s actually a combination of the two. Well, most of the participants and promoters who are willing to talk about it say that the sport of professional wrestling in the WWE follows a script in which the winners are determined before the match begins.

tanish wrote:

WWE is fake. Some of the parts are real.

Art wrote:

You know guys, WWE is a combination of two… fake and real.
for example, just like in movies… actors/actresses cries… yeah, they cry as if for real.. but actually they just ACT according to the role they’re playing…
But if you wanna know regarding on the stunts and hits they’re doing…
well, just compare WWE to AFC…. you might see what really hurts, what moves really breaks a neck, and what hits really makes your opponent bleed..

ndenje wrote:

I need straight answer….,when asked yes or no? U can’t tell me the answer is both. Movies are fake I think so is the WWE

Nicholas wrote:

John Cena’s 5 knuckle shuffle hits the floor!! Not his opponent’s face!!!!

Licky wrote:

Well, we believe that WWE wrestling is scripted but then it is what makes it more entertaining because the players all have moments of glory to share. Imagine what the likes of Rey Mysterio would have had to do to win matches against the likes of Big Show. It’s simply not fair.

Jerry muzuva wrote:

I’m from Zimbabwe,i love wrestling so much and so much into the game Triple H. Please tell me if it’s for real and did hunter really really got injured?

gerbils wrote:

Well, some don’t believe but for me, it would be real injuries and fighting.

Erik wrote:

I wonder how WWE is fake.
Questions :
1. How do they stage stuff LIVE in just one week ?
2. If WWE is fake then is there such thing as real professional wrestling ?
3. So the superstars exercise & practice wrestling for years just so they can fake it ? Don’t you think maybe they want to show the world their skills ?

My opinions :
When Triple H used to hit other superstars with his sledgehammer, it’s obvious that he put his hand in the front because if he didn’t he would kill his opponent.

Also stop comparing WRESTLING to MMA because their both different things. In wrestling you have to tire out your opponent so that you can pin him & MMA is mixed martial arts idiots’ they have to knock each other out that’s why they punch each more harder.

I know WWE is scripted but that’s to build up hype for a match. Why do you think WWE is probably more popular than boxing or UFC? Because the matches have a story even if it’s fake.

Why do people hate if WWE is scripted or fake ?
If it was fake why would they put superstars in the hall of fame for nothing?

Last thing If you were Vince McMahon tell me you wouldn’t want to build hype for pay-per views? More than millions of dollars to be made. So just think about it

Michael Nana Addo wrote:

I can see that wrestling is just entertainment but not real, because of how they fight.

JellyBean&cottoncandy! wrote:

They say that it is fake because they choose the winner before the match.. and second it’s real because they actually hit there opponent…. so it is real and fake at the same time.. if you read the top of the page it said the exact same thing that I just said.

deen martin wrote:

They are not acting they can withstand pain as they wear steroids everything is real, the injuries are real but the table should be fake as it breaks easily.

Jondell wrote:


Kemei Ronald wrote:

All along i had thought WWE was real but now I know that it is staged. Sometimes the wrestlers fall for an opponent after being hit very lightly which makes me see all of it as a movie and not real.

Cristiano Ronaldo wrote:

i love football as i am a football player.i also love WWE.i can say that is is real

Ganesha wrote:

I’ve suspected a long time ago …. luckily it’s all just a hoax

Vishal wrote:

Wwe is fake because action of refree is suspicious in the game

raman wrote:

My dad thinks WWE is fake and I’m a big fan of WWE I think it’s real because they even made a show about it tough enough so everything of WWE is real!!

lawin wrote:

WWE is real!! if you don’t like it! don’t watch it!

Leon wrote:

If wrestling is fake then why would be there thousands of fans watching it ringside??? I need answer…

nesty 47 wrote:

Wrestling is fake, just that sometimes it looks real, especially when it has to do with injuries.

Shannon wrote:

You can tell the punches are fake. If they really hit like they were suppose to, then it would show. Yes, there is some real to it, but over all, it’s a put on

Samuel agaga wrote:

Though l know WWE is acted, it is more real than acted.

john wrote:

WWE is fake that is why the referee acts suspicious or doesn’t notice things and also why a fight can happen between guys of up to 200 pounds of difference which would give a huge advantage.

Tyrell wrote:

I’ve watched Smackdown Live in Durban. WWE is real and fake. The Injuries are real, and some of the moves are fake. Although some is fake, the WWE superstars always keep the WWE UNIVERSE entertained.

Hussen wrote:

WWE is real!!! If you don’t like it!! Don’t watch it!

Sajid wrote:

WWE is partly Scripted….. But it is the best show.

MAAZ wrote:

I don’t know for sure if WWE is fake or real but in my opinion the kick the smacks and the finishers are 100 percent real, I have seen it closely and the wrestling moves done by them is far entertaining and I love to watch their incredible wrestling moves so because of this I love to watch WWE.

Amber wrote:

Well to me it’s real but some of the hits look fake but I love WWE anyways.

vikas wrote:

If wrestling is fake then why to make all the viewers a fool? I’m gonna ask a question, in all over the world is wrestling only a fooling game?

WhiteFangFirefox wrote:

The answer:
Real: Non-Scripted Injuries
Fake: Scripted Injuries, Punches (Kicks etc.)

WhiteFangFirefox wrote:

And if that’s not enough proof
WWE: World Wrestling ——> ENTERTAINMENT <------

WhiteFangFirefox wrote:

and lastly if you’re not convinced, Triple H covers the sledgehammer with his hand so he won’t hit is opponent with it.

nicole wrote:

WWE is scripted ok so what, millions and millions of people watch it and it brings them happiness. I’m a fan myself. I started watching about a year ago the first time I saw it I knew it was some fake moves here and there, but I still kept watching it, people have different interest and if seeing guys and girls slam each other brings them joy then let them be happy.

nasir wambai wrote:

wrestling is not real thats why they call it entertaiment.

sandip wrote:

all the actions in wwe are real

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