What Are Spyware and Trojan Horses?

On planet earth only 29% portion is land, and out of this hardly 18% is in commercial use of human civilization. It was very hard to see this 18% world as a united one. It was parted in different cultures, traditions, trades and customs even in 1900s. Then with human innovation many equipments like aero planes, ships, telephone etc were discovered which really reduced the communication gap of the first, second and so called third world. But in mid 1990s a device was introduced by human which changed the scenario world globalization in coming years. That device was computer. In early days computer was just a core technical device used for heavy calculations and mathematical operations. But voyage of computer from first generation to sixth generation made its miraculous penetration in daily life of humans. With introduction and development of internet, today the whole 18% portion of world is present in just a box called computer. But the excessive dependence of world on internet and computers introduced a new treat in computer users, and that treat is the lack of computer security.
These days Computer security is one of the most focused issues in technical world. Computer security is something that deals with the security of the information applied to the computers. Whatever information we access through internet is not safe because computers are susceptible to the attacks of various viruses and data theft softwares. Out of these attacking agents spyware and Trojan horse are the most commonly occurring treats to the computer security.

What is Malware?
spyware-and-trojan-horsesMalware is the word which simply means injuring software. So malware is simply some software, which is specifically designed for making damage to some computer without self-information or intuition of owner. Malware includes all the worms, viruses and specially spyware and Trojan horses.

What is Spyware?

Spyware is something which gets installed in a hidden way on some computer and then it claims partial control on the interaction of user with the system. Spyware is not just able to secretly note the behavior of the user it is also able to collect the information personal for user like habits of internet surfing, visited sites and moreover it can also overtake the control of computer from user in many terms like some non-required software installation the activity of Web browser can be redirected or uploading more viruses. Spyware is also able to change the settings of the computer which results in retarded speeds of connections and even internet and few other programs can be lost.
Considering harms of spyware computer security firms are focusing more on their treatments and along with widely available anti-viruses, some anti-spyware softwares are also commercially available these days. A computer device with spyware on it is off no use in commercial applications as any information accessed through the machine including credit Nos., pan passwords etc will not be secured.

Routes of infection of spyware

Spyware doesn’t act like normal computer viruses as they don’t replicate and don’t transmit themselves from one infected system to another. They infect a computer through internet while the user is surfing some unsafe zones. Thy get installed in system without the knowledge of user. Distributors of the spyware basically provide them in form of some useful entity to a user, like some internet accelerator or DAP etc. Users feel fascinated towards these softwares and they install them without any suspicion of harm. But in fact they are the actual harm in form of spyware. As an example Bonzi Buddy is software which is bundled with some spyware. Spyware also attack as in bundled form of some shareware and also through music CDs.

Anti-spyware programs- Remedies

Spyware is a very costlier harm to a computer as once it attacked the only way to get full rid of it is either completely reinstalling the OS or either having a back of user’s data. But now days, various anti-spyware programs are also available in the market. Microsoft launched software called GIANT AntiSpyware, which was further re-launched as Windows AntiSpyware beta and it was released as a free download for original windows XP users. In 2006 it was again renamed as windows defender, again free and with compatibility with windows vista this time. Other examples of successful anti-spywares include names like Malwarebytes Anti-Malware, spyware doctor, DriveSentry (3.1), super anti-spyware etc. major producers of anti-spywares are sophos, McAfee and symantec. Zone labs have also released their spyware killer.

What are Trojan horses?
trojan-horseTrojan horse more commonly known as Trojan is a malware which first appear as an entity for performing some desirable function but actually it performs functions that are malicious. For example- “waterfalls.scr”, it is a simple case of Trojan horse. Here the provider will claim that it is a free screensaver of waterfall. But when downloaded, after running it simply unloads commands, hidden programs or scripts without the knowledge of user. Presence of Trojan horse on some machine leads to permitting unauthorized access to the computer of user. Trojan attacks in two parts, client part and server part. Victim’s device act as server and respond to connections by attacking client.
Various Types of Trojan horse payloads include names like- Remote Access, Downloader, Server Trojan, Data Destruction, Security software disabler and Denial-of-service attack.
Examples of harms caused by Trojan horses are- overwriting or erasing of computer’s data, file Encryption, file corruption, screenshots creation, virus installation etc.

Deleting Trojan

There is no simple and single method available to delete these Trojan horses because of their versatility. One of most simple approach is to clear temporary files of internet. Anti-viruses are also able in detecting and deleting them. Updated programs of anti-spyware applications are also able to deal with them efficiently.
So the bottom line is – Stay safe and protect your data by avoiding illegal and warez sites.

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