What Are Ten Best Hand Guns In The World?

(1) FN Five Seven: The gun has been designed and is manufactured by Fabrique Nationale d’Herstal; a Belgium arms manufacturer. The pistol is also called FN 5.7; where ‘FN’ denotes the name of the manufacturer and ‘5.7’ (mm) tells the diameter of the bullet the gun fires. The gun’s effective range is 50m, however its maximum range is 1.5 km. It is a semi-automatic gun with the muzzle velocity of 650 m/s. It weights 744 g when loaded and its barrel is 122 mm long. The gun was developed for the military but now a number of civilian shooters are using it. Even the bodyguards of the prime minister of India use it. The gun is being used in the Afghanistan war.

FN 57

(2) Beretta 92: Also known as Beretta 96 or Beretta 98, the semi-automatic handgun was designed by the Italian manufacturer Fabbrica d’Armi Pietro Beretta. The company was established in 1526 and it is one of the oldest arms manufacturers in the world. The gun weights 970 g and its barrel measures 217 mm in length. The gun is used by the armed forces in the United States military along in addition to the armed forces of about twenty other nations.

Beretta 92

(3) Walther P99: It is a semi-automatic handgun designed by Horst Wesp and is manufactured by the German manufacturer Carl Walther Sportwaffen GmbH. The gun is used by the police in Germany, Canada, Poland and Finland. It has a polymer frame and weights 630 g. Its 102 mm long barrel gives it the muzzle velocity of 408 m/s and it has an effective range of 60 m.

Walther P99

(4) QSZ 92: Also known as Ji? Shí Èr Shì Sho?qiàng in China, this semi-automatic pistol is designed and manufactured by the China North Industries Corporation . This 760 g gun has a 111 mm long barrel which gives the fired bullet a velocity of 350 m/s when leaving the barrel of the gun. The gun is used by the People’s Republic Army in China and the Bangladesh Army.

QSZ 92

(5) FN-FNP-45: Designed by the Fabrique Nationale d’Herstal, a Belgium arms manufacturer, it is made of polymers and it is a semi-automatic pistol. The gun weighs 919 g and has a barrel length of 114 m. The gun is relatively new in the arms market and it has been in production since 2006.


(6) Mark 23: The official name of the gun is Heckler & Koch MK23 Mod 0. Heckler & Koch is a German arms manufacturer that produces the guns. The gun was designed in the 1990s and it is primarily used by the Indonesian army and the Royal Malaysian Police. The gun weights 1.2 kg and the barrel length of 150 mm gives it a muzzle velocity of 260 m/s.

Mark 23

(7) Glock 17: This plastic pistol came into being in the 1980s when the Austrian military announced tenders for a new handgun to replace their existing World War II era handgun Walther P98. Glock Gesellschaft mit beschränkter Haftung was one of the companies participating in the competition to design the new gun. It took them a couple of years to design the gun and the gun is in production since 1982. The ruggedness of this polymer gun was questioned in the beginning but it is turned out be the company’s most sold gun; it is used by the armed forces of more than three dozen countries.


(8) HS 2000: It is a semi-automatic pistol, which was designed in the early 1990s during the break-up of Yugoslavia and the formation of Croatia as an independent nation. The gun is designed and manufactured by HS Produkt d.o.o. and it is used by the Croatian Army and the police in the United States. The handgun is also known as XD-9 in the United States.

HS 2000

(9) Heckler and Koch USP: The gun is developed by Heckler & Koch GmbH, a German manufacturer, to replace their P7 series handguns. The gun was designed over a period of three years during 1989 – 1992 by an engineer named Helmut Weldle. The barrel length of the gun in the 108 mm and it weights 748 g. The gun is used by the armed forces in more than a dozen nations.

Heckler and Koch USP

(10) SIG P250: The gun is the result of the collaboration between the German manufacturers J. P. Sauer und Sohn GmbH and its Swiss representative SIG Sauer. The gun is a semi-automatic pistol, weights 875 g and its barrel length is 98 mm. The handgun has been in production since 2003 and it is primarily used by the police in Hong Kong.

SIG P250

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22 Comments on “What Are Ten Best Hand Guns In The World?”

Gregg wrote:

The 1911 .45 is not here.
Your list is broken.

Gregg wrote:

Also, these are all pistols. Where’s the rifle and shotgun love?

thatdeadguy wrote:

Ten best list of anything are useless, this one particularly so.
Much of your information is out dated and mis interpenetrated.
I own or have used several of the guns on this list and can name five that are better than your # 1 pick.

dude wrote:

Oh my God. As someone who works in the industry I can honestly say the information in this article is not correct. A Beretta 92, 96, and 98 all take different calibers, which makes them different guns in most professional’s eyes. The effective range of a medium length barreled gun, like p99, has a maximum range of much closer to 60 feet, at 60 meters the front sight would obscure a man-sized target. You forgot to mention that Mk 23’s were used extensively by special operators from America and other nations because they can be suppressed and have a large enough bullet to take out target quickly and effectively. The hs 2000 you mentioned is actually a cheaply made alternative to the Springfield XD series, which is what you actually have pictured. And I honestly hadn’t heard of some of these models before this website. If you took polls from all of the people who had ever worked with guns you wouldn’t see half of these. The only handguns that would be on the list are the 1911, something from glock, and a Colt single action army. The rest of the list would be rifles and maybe a shotgun.

Tarun Sharma wrote:


Sarwar wrote:

FN Five Seven, what is the price of this gun?

Thanks and best Regards

Matt wrote:

The 1911 isn’t on this list – love it or hate it, it’s still been in use for 100 years.
The Sig Sauer P226 is far superior to the 250 and is the only other handgun to compete with the Beretta 92 as the official sidearm of the US armed forces.
The HK USP was designed after the Mark 23 received sharp criticism for its cost, weight, and size.

Putting either of those pistols up in the top 10 seems odd when the 1911, Luger P08, and Makarov don’t make the list.

G. Cole wrote:

Are you kidding me?

First off, you have no basis on what you define your searches by, disregard ammo and grain, wikipedia’d your facts and are terrible.

If you’d done real research, you’d know the MK 23 is in use by SOCOM and many other factions, because it can be left in salt water for 24 hours and fire when removed.

The 5.7mm round is extremely expensive, and ballistics lack the stopping power of a .45 ACP.

I hope you’re trolling.

It’s like the AK47 of hand guns.

Mark Willis wrote:

This list does not back up its claims at all. It just says the name of the gun, its dimensions, and who uses it. It seems like the only guns that have any sort of support for its placement in the list is the Glock and the FN57. Whoever wrote this list needs to understand that he or she cant just say what they think and expect everyone to take their word for it. He/she needs to back up each claim with qualifying information.

D wrote:

This is a bad list and you should feel bad.

1) The Five Seven is not being used in the Afghanistan War. Period.

2) The QSZ 92 isn’t even close to being one of the best guns in the world. Nobody besides the Chinese and Bangladeshis use one. Like everything else Chinese, it’s a cheap knockoff of existing designs.

3) No Browning Hi Power

4) No CZ 75

5) No M1911

6) There is no criteria for what makes any of these weapons “the best in the world”

TAW wrote:

This is a poorly thought out list, it may be the guns most wanted by the author but certainly not the worlds top 10 guns by any means. Several of these are considered nothing but throw away Saturday night specials. Left off this list are the Government model.45 by colt (and many other companies), S&W’s and colts revolvers, both some of the most sold, most coveted, most used and reliable guns over the last 100+ years. This is a poorly thought out list for sure.

shakeel wrote:

no doubt these are the best guns of the world

Bolo wrote:

Umm… “Best”?? Best for what? This is simply a list of ten good semi-auto pistols. (Well, let’s just assume the Chinese and Croat ones are at least okay. The Chinese don’t have a great track record in this area.) Where’s a Kimber or another high-quality 1911? And thanks for perpetuating the myth that Glocks are plastic. They have high-quality polymer (plastic) frames, as do several of the other pistols on this list. The other 80-something percent is steel of various types. So much for pistols.
What about the best rifles for deer-sized game? Best varmint guns? Best battle rifles? Best sniper rifles? Best revolvers for close-range hunting? Best shotguns for trap/skeet? Best combat shotguns? Best sub-machine guns? Best machine guns? This question as asked was unanswerable, and the result is more or less meaningless.

Trololo wrote:

Nothing on that list even remotely compares to the HK Mark 23. Also, maybe you’ve never heard of this gun but its kinda popular. The 1911?

David wrote:

Where is the M1911A1? I don’t know of a better proven design…

SATAN wrote:

I doubt these guns are the best guns in the world.

George wrote:

I have no idea how old this article is or where the the author is from. But I would venture to say it is either dated and/or the author had little or no access to US semi-autos. The absence of a 1911 or the Springfield Armory XD is a glaring oversight IMHO. .40 S&W and .45 ACP are far superior to the humble, common and cheap 9mm when your life is at stake. Top tens should always be taken with a grain of salt and should open discussion rather than be taken as the last word.

Dan wrote:

This list isn’t very helpful. I don’t know much about pistols but I’m looking for a good reliable handgun for recreational target practice. What is the best one for someone with large hands? I have heard of hammer bite and I would like to avoid that. Which one are most accurate? Ease of cleaning? You really didn’t clarify why any of these are on your list.

mattm3t wrote:

I still think the 1911’s should be in the list. Colt ‘classic’ pre-war 1911s still boasts of excellent performance. That’s a humongous difference on the dependability and longevity (and the beautiful designs that 1911s exudes) on the list that you have.

jcbbnd wrote:

This list is not right. As stated several times already, there is no mention of the 1911, one of the most used and trusted handguns of all time.

ANTI-dude wrote:

…dude.. If you are so smart, you should know that Springfield XD is daughter company of HS from CROATIA.:))))))))))))))))

blabla wrote:

Springfield XD is not a daughter company. Springfield XD is a marketing name by which Springfield armory imports and sells HS 2000.

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