What are the advantages of Windows XP?

There are many advantages of windows XP a few of them are given below

advantages-of-windows-xp1.It supports most of the hardware without need of external drivers.

2.It offers good GUI as compared to older versions.

3.It supports wireless networking

4.Many applications are developed for windows only and on other OS they do not work

5.Windows XP offers universal plug and play features

6.The availability of this is very high.

7.It offers universal solution to OS needs and there are no compatibility issues in this case.

8. Windows XP is user friendly as compared to other OS in market.

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6 Comments on “What are the advantages of Windows XP?”

YouNameMe wrote:


vakabontas wrote:

windows xp is really good to work with and i must congratulate all the users of wnidows xp of using it…. good choice
The fact that the windows has not any sexy visual styles does not make any difference because windows xp is a platform in which any transformation pack can be installed…….!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

LONG LIVE WINDOWS XP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

Jon wrote:

Windows XP allows simultaneous digital and analog music streams unlike vista & windows 7. I’m glad I have some computers that I will not upgrade to windows 7. I like windows 7 better than XP, but XP makes for the best audio server because of this reason.

rod wrote:

yes, i agree.

minafe wrote:

windowsXP is amazing!!

Musa wrote:

I love it.

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