What are the disadvantages of Windows XP?

Although there are numerous disadvantages of Windows XP some of them are

disadvantages-of-windows-xp1. Security loopholes exist in it hence it is easily affected by virus and spyware.

2. It is expensive to purchase.

3. Prone to crashes and hence unstable.

4. Many flaws and bugs are present in it.

5. It is very heavy system and old hardware can’t run it.

6. Older DOS programs may not run on this version.

7. Parallel port not recognized.

8. No file encryption facility in XP home edition.

9. Comes with single user license so it cant be loaded on multiple PCs.

10. It has no inbuilt chipset drivers making the install time consuming.

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rohit wrote:

Yes, it is correct Windows XP is not so secure but it supports so many older application which are not supported by Windows Vista. If Windows Vista could support those application then it can be a great and unbeatable operating system.

SAMUVEL wrote:

YES… it is absolutely correct.

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