What Causes Brain Cancers?

Brain tumor can simply be defined as a specific area in the brain, where cells grow abnormally. Brain tumors can also be named as neoplasms. Brain tumors can be classified into various types according to their sizes and special region of occurrence. Most of the brain tumors are malignant in nature and they need strong medical supervision. Brain tumors should never be ignored because they cause severe neurological abnormalities and most of them are lethal in nature. A malignant brain tumor develops into brain cancer, which is much more harmful then a benign tumor. Some important medical imaging techniques like MRI, are helpful in the diagnosis of brain tumors.

Causes of brain cancer
Tumors can have various reasons- genetic disorders, random mutations in the brain cells or some sort of radiation exposures. Defect in a single cell can cause huge problems, because tumor cells replicate rapidly, so it will produce many defected cells. In closed space of the human skull, this uncontrolled division can become a very serious problem.

brain-cancersNo exact causes of brain cancer are known till now. Even after extensive research on the topic of brain cancer no conclusions are available about the reasons of brain cancer. One thing which is sure about brain cancer is that it is not contagious in nature and some head injury can never be a reason of brain cancer. Brain cancer can also spread to various parts of body like Breast, Lungs, liver etc.
Brain cancer can strike a person at any age. But most of the cases can be observed in these two major age groups- 3-12 and 40-70. Some risk factors can be associated to the occurrence of the brain cancer. It has been observed that the workers of some special industries are much more susceptible to brain cancer. These industries include- drug manufacturing, oil refining and rubber manufacturing. Brain cancer is also observed in members of a particular family, so it can also be concluded that brain cancer have some relation with heredity.

Symptoms of brain cancer
Human brain contains many different types of cells, and each type of cell is specialized to perform a special function. Tumor of brain cells can be benign or malignant. If it is benign in nature, then it will stay at the point of its origination, but benign tumor can also grow rapidly as a result it puts pressure on the surrounding soft tissues of the brain which causes many brain abnormalities. On the other hand, malignant brain tumor is able to spread and it leads to the development of brain cancer. Brain cancer is lethal by nature. Some symptoms of the brain cancer are- severe headaches, dual personality syndrome, weakness in the legs and arms, abnormal movements of eye, nausea, drowsiness and Seizures. Radiation therapy, Surgery and chemotherapy are some treatments which can be used to deal with brain cancer. Chemicals like vinyl chloride are strong inducers of brain cancer. Vinyl chloride is a major component of tobacco smoke. A mutation in the tumor suppressor genes is another common reason of brain cancer.

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