What Causes Cough?

Cough can be simply defined as an action that a body makes in order to get rid of some substances that causes irritation to the air passages. These air passages carry the air of breathing from mouth or/and nose to the lungs. Coughing is a spontaneous response (called as reflex response) of the living body, which is caused by some irritation in the windpipe or in the throat. Reflex response of a body simply means something that a body does involuntary and automatically. The phenomenon of coughing protects the lungs by the exposure of dust, bacteria, virus and some other detrimental substance.

Types of coughing
Frequent occurring of cough usually represents some disease or infection. Coughing can be classified in two types- Acute coughing and chronic coughing. If coughing is occurs for less then 3 or 4 weeks then it can be classified as acute coughing. But if coughing stays for more than 8 weeks, then it can be classified as chronic coughing. Coughing can occur because of several different reasons.

Causes of coughing and some possible cures

Smoke coughing
coughSmoking leads to the occurrence of a permanent cough. Smoking cough is not easy to cure. If somebody is addictive to smoking then he should quit smoking immediately. A person suffering from smoking cough should consult a doctor, because a doctor can help him to get rid of the habit of smoking.

Coughing due to diseases
Coughing is also common in patients of cancer. If somebody is having blood in his coughs then he should immediately go for the cancer diagnosis. Allergic reactions are other major reasons of coughing. A stomach related disease named as Gastro esophageal reflux disease can also cause coughing. In this disease, acids of stomach move up to the esophagus, which causes severe coughs. This disease can also cause belching and heartburn.

Another reason of coughing is asthma. Actually asthma causes the inflammation and broncho constriction of the airways, which causes coughing. Asthma related coughing is worst during the exercise or at night. Other infectious reasons of coughing include- viral infections (common cold), pneumonia and other sinus infections.

Coughing due to medications
Some medications also cause coughing. It is because of allergic reactions induced by those particular medications. An allergic person should avoid the use of such medicines. And one should go for some prescribed analogs of such medicines.

Environmental factors
Any other environmental substance which causes irritation in the air passages of the lungs is able to produce a chronic cough. Examples of such environmental substances include- smoke, chemical fumes, dust, pollen and various other minute agents which are present in the air.

Water is the most common help to deal with coughing. During a cough, one should drink some water in order to get rid of coughing. For the same purpose, water can be added to the surrounding air by using some steamy shower. One should never use any of the non prescribed medications, to deal with the problems of coughing.

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my cough always seems to be unstoppable and my throat feels tickly for ages I’ve had my cough for about a week and three days i have taken some syrup type medicine but only seems to work for 2 or 3 minutes and i have only been taking the medicine for the past day i even know how my cough was caused simply by eating a jawbreaker lollipop (licking it for hours) but being in large gusts of wind does seem to help a lot and does seem to prevent any further coughing.

what should i do and how did i get it ?

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