What Causes Dimples?

Dimples are the visible indentations in facial skin that are either permanently present on cheeks or chin, or appear temporarily while a person speaks or smiles. Dimples are one of the most dominant facial traits.
Generally, dimples are present or appear on both cheeks, but sometime, a rare form of single dimple appears on one cheek. It is believed that dimples are genetically inherited. Studies have found that the parents having dimples give birth to children having dimples.
Anatomically, dimples are caused by the facial muscle called zygomaticus major. Dimples are caused when your facial muscle – zygomaticus major, is shorter than normal; it pulls on your skin and forms the indentation in your facial skin. Cheek dimples are formed by the double or bifid zygomaticus major muscle.

dimplesSometimes, dimples are also caused due to the presence of excessive fat on your face. These dimples are not permanent. They vanish away when the excessive fat goes away. Such dimples are not indicators good health. These dimples can be eliminated through proper diet and exercise.
Dimples are also linked with youth. Some children and youngsters show dimples in tender age, but their dimples disappear when they grow old.
Dimples are usually considered as attractive feature of facial beauty. The women and girls with dimples are often considered hot and sexy. An internet survey has shown that the women celebrities having dimples on their cheeks are one of the most hotly searched celebrities on World Wide Web. According to the survey, celebrities like Angelina Jolie and Pretty Zinta are hotly pursued just because of the dimples of their cheeks.
Dimples have always been appreciated in feminine beauty. Definitely, dimples are good when they are natural or inborn, but they could be indicators of bad health, when they appear due to excessive fat on your face.

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40 Comments on “What Causes Dimples?”

janie wrote:

I have dimples on my cheeks but I’m not sure if they’re due to excessive fat? How do I tell? I’m lean on my body (5’1”, 111lbs) but have no visible cheekbones. I don’t really have a round face and it doesn’t look visibly “fat” either. What’s up?

kieragame wrote:

janie, you have what is called acute acmitosis. this is where you think you are fat but u are not.

danica wrote:

okay like 2 weeks ago i didnt have dimples but now i have one on my right cheek how does this happen?

Jackie wrote:

I have only 1 dimple on my left cheek.

nabster86 wrote:

My mother has one dimple on the left cheek but i have two dimples on both sides, how does it happen cause presumable i should also have on dimple, isn’t it so?

Amberlea wrote:

I have a dimple on my chin. What does that mean.? 🙂

Lisa Marie wrote:

I have always had 1 very deep dimple in my right cheek, no one else in my family has them. I was told that they were a nutrition deficiency, does that have any truth to it?

Jessica225 wrote:

I have one dimple on my left cheek, two on my right and one on my chin…. My dad claims that Curt Douglas is my great grandfather, hah. 🙂

Nikki wrote:

I have dimples on the back of my shoulders. I’m approx 5 7″ & 143 lbs so I don’t believe it would be from weight. I’ve had them my entire life. I’ve only seen 1 other person with dimples in their shoulders. So what would cause dimples in this location?

chrissy wrote:

I’ve had dimples in my shoulders all my life. One is bigger then the other and I can honestly say most people who see them say how cute they look, I’m female 52 years old and my father has had them all his life too. I think it’s inherited. I was thinking of having a tattoo done around the dimple on my left shoulder but don’t know what to have. Maybe the word “dimples”. lol

Zoe wrote:

I have a dimple on my right cheek, and one on my chin. But I also have them on the lower of my back! Why is that? I am 5’6 and 100 pounds. So I don’t think it’s from being overweight.

ADAM wrote:

How to make dimples in the cheeks? Is there a way to make them? or by a surgeon? Is there a risk of surgical intervention to do them? Any info?

Jessica wrote:

Is there any way to get dimples without surgery? I have one dimple on my left cheek, but its not really visible 🙁 I get two when i pout :/ and I don’t want to go around like pouting to be honest….

julie wrote:

I have dimples on both cheeks, however, the left side is significantly more prominent. my grandmother always told me that when I was in my mom’s tummy, Jesus looked down and said, “Whoops, you’re done!” (I was 10lbs at birth….but I am not overweight now so the dimples are not due to excessive weight); my grandmother said that my dimples were impressions of Jesus’ fingerprints. I absolutely love that explanation.

Shanice Marie wrote:

I just recently discovered I have back dimples on my lower back I’m 5’3 and weigh 110 and I’m 15 years old. What is this suppose to mean?

Gladys wrote:

3 weeks ago, I noticed a dimple that showed just on top of my upper lip (left side)…I gained about 3 pounds and I’m in 5’5″ 116 lbs. I noticed when I’m stressed, it shows. Yesterday, it was not visible, today it’s back..what is up?? Help!

Rosemary wrote:

Janie- not fat- it’s in the muscle and it won’t change.

Danica- you just never saw it before.

Jackie- it happens when you are in the womb and don’t develop perfectly symmetrically but that’s ok.

Nabster- no.

Amberlea- chin clefts or dimples form when you are in the womb. It’s a form of a defect (the 2 halves of the developing face don’t meet perfectly and leave a little gap in the muscle) but we don’t see it that way- it looks good to us if it’s symmetrical, so don’t obsess. Micheal Jackson had one created cause he wanted one.

Lisa Marie- funny you come right after Micheal Jackson- answer is NO.

Nikki- are your breasts heavy- they do that if so.

Chrissy- same thing.

Zoe- it’s not fat and you have the cute upper butt dimples.

Adam- yes you can have them created. see above.

Jessica- same answer. Anyone else?

Swati wrote:

I have dimples on both my cheeks. But one is deep and one is very light. I want to make them naturally deep. Is there any home remedy for making my dimple deep.

anonymous wrote:

I have dimples on both my shoulders and I’ve had them since i was born, I’ve heard they’re a symbol of good luck, is that true?

sarah wrote:

I am thin but I have chubby cheeks, if I lose my face fat will I lose my dimples? Please respond to this message.

Umair wrote:

Can the dimples be made artificially.. and if yes, then are there any side-effects of making it artificially?

pratigya wrote:

I have dimple on my both of my cheeks. Mamma say it’s by birth neither by excessive fat. All my friends says to me that it looks very cute on my cheek cos my face is round…but according to me it doesn’t seems smart what can I do for its eradication….I shall be ever grateful if you could provide me the solution of this problem.

tammy wrote:

I am 5’7 weight 143…but I recently lost about 25lbs, but of late I noticed a dimple on my right cheek, after losing the weight I saw that the dimple in the right cheek got deeper and now I also have a faint dimple on the left cheek… what causes this, cause it obviously not fat..I LOST WEIGHT

max vallance wrote:

I have two dimples, one on each shoulder blade. I have been told about the story, that a child from heaven was brought down to Earth, by an angel. The two dimples are where the angel has left imprints. Has anyone else heard of this? I’m not much of a believer, but i do like the stories. Max

taylor Mullin wrote:

I’ve heard of people getting “dimple piercings” in their cheeks, however i find this to be very unattractive. While you do get a dimple, you also have a silver stud in your cheek. I’m not sure about cosmetic surgery.

shelby wrote:

I have really faint dimples when I make a funny face but when I smile or pout, there not there! can I deepen them? surgery or natural?

Kenna wrote:

I have a single dimple on the lower right hand side of my mouth and my nephew who is barely 3 also has this dimple. Any idea how that type of dimple is caused? It’s strange and I’ve only noticed it on me and my nephew but it makes his smile only that much cuter.:)

Kat wrote:

I have dimples in my shoulders too. Everyone thinks it is weird but I have had them my whole life. I don’t know if it is inherited, but I think it is cool that I am one of a kind because no one else that I know has them.

Tawanda wrote:

I have had dimples on both cheeks for the ten years I have been alive and now they are getting deeper as I lose weight (I am a boy with dimples and if I smile around my friend pumla she laughs and yells boy with dimples).

brianna wrote:

I have one dimple on my right cheek that is almost always showing and not even a hint of one on the other cheek… what would cause that? I also have one on the right hand side of my lower back that’s really deep

Nicole wrote:

I’ve been born with dimples, my dad also has dimples, lol. I think dimples are nice. Funny thing is, I have six dimples in total on my body. My cheeks and chin makes three. I have a deep one on my shoulder and the dimples of Venus at the lower part of my back.

Maposo wrote:

I have had dimples since I was born on both of my cheeks and they appear even when am not talking or smiling and people consider me as beautiful, especially guys and I like that.

Ronnie wrote:

Um … I have fat cheeks.:( And I don’t know if my dimples will disappear when I lose weight (and I have to admit, I’m not the most skinniest girl in the world) but my mom’s cousin has dimples and my sister has a dimple in her right cheek but it’s hardly visibly. I don’t want to loose my dimples. :'(

ashlyn wrote:

I’ve had dimples on my shoulders all my life. Does it mean something? Why do I have them on my shoulders?

Chocoholic wrote:

I am turning 13 in a couple months, and I have dimples. I think there was a time in my life when they went away and then came back. I don’t really remember because I never noticed it when I was smaller, but I do now I had them when I was little. So is it possible??
And will my dimples disappear ever again?? :S Hope not!

Nassim wrote:

My son got a indent or dimple because of cheek injury.
It was 3 months ago that was happened.
Is it a permanent?
Any recommendation like fat injection would help or not?

Klavier wrote:

I have three dimples since I was born. One on my right cheek and two on my left cheek. My parents don’t have dimples.

Laura wrote:

I don’t have dimples:( I really want dimples! they’re so cute! how could I get dimples without surgery or getting fat lol.

Derrick wrote:

Hey ladies do you think its hot for a guy to have dimples and is there any other way besides plastic surgery to get them and how much does the surgery cost?

Sanjay wrote:

I’m 18 yrs old guy I have Deep dimples on both sides of my face
ppl say it’s attractive n cute 🙂

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