What Causes Lung Cancer?

Lung cancer is the one of the principal causes of deaths in both men and women in the United States of America. According to a health survey, in the year of 2007, lung cancer claimed lives of total 160,390 people in USA only. So, in terms of mortality this cancer wins the race from breast cancer, colorectal cancer and prostrate cancer. It has been observed that some lung tumors are Metastatic in nature.

Lung cancers develop in the same way as other types of cancers. In lung cancer, some cells of lungs undergoes genetic transformations, this causes lapse of growth regulation of these cells. As a result these cancerous cells show un-controlled growth. At first, tumor induction takes place which then develop into cancer. Even lung tumors are extremely harmful because they consume nutrients and oxygen of healthy cells.

Causes of lung cancer
lung-cancerAround 90 % of lung cancers are caused by tobacco. So, cigarette smoking is the major reason of the induction of lung cancer. Smoke of a cigarette contains around 4,000 chemicals; most of them are involved in inducing sarcoma. Chances of the lung cancer are 25 times greater for a person who smokes regularly as compared to a person who has never touched a cigarette. But if some addict person, quits smoking at a suitable stage then even his lungs can recover rapidly. According to a study, about 16 years after quitting the cigarette, one will have fully recovered lungs. Channel smoking and Cigar are equally hazardous. Most of the lung tumors are able to invade the surrounding tissues, so they can spread themselves in whole body of the patient. Smoking is the primary reason of lung cancer, but some industries are also responsible for the induction of lung cancer in their workers. Examples of these industries include- rubber industry, oil and gas industry etc.

Most common variety of the lung cancer is Adenocarcinoma. One most common type of the adenocarcinoma is bronchoalveolar cubicle carcinoma. On examining the mass of lung cancer under the microscope it was founded that, this mass can off two different types- SCLC (small faction lung growth) and NSCLC (non-small cell lung blight). Adenocarcinoma is a type of NSCLC.

Symptoms of lung cancers
Some general symptoms of lung cancer are- severe coughs, blood in coughs, pain in chest, irregular breathing etc. Symptoms of metastatic lung cancer depend upon the mass and the position. A continuous bloody cough is major symptom of the lung cancer. About one fourth of the patients of lung cancer suffer from severe pains of chest.
Moreover, lung cancer causes the induction of some hurdles in the path of inhaled and exhaled air which results into irregular breathings. Further problems of breathing are caused by the spread of the tumor around the lungs and deposition of the fluids around the lungs. Hoarseness or Wheezing causes blockage in the lungs as a result inflammation takes place in the lungs. And finally various respiratory infections (repeated) like pneumonia or bronchitis are also common indicators of lung cancer.

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