What causes Swollen Feet?

swollen-feetSwelling occurs in a condition where the ankles, lower legs and feet muscles have an excessive buildup of a fluid. Swelling can be simply defined as the situation in which thickness of the skin increases due to some systematic symptoms. It occurs as a result of some systematic conditions such as injuries, infections, fracture, diseases of joints etc. for example; arthritis. Swelling may also lead to an increase in the body weight in a short period of time.
The problem of swollen feet and legs medically is known as ‘Edema’. Problem of Swelling generally occurs in warm summer months. One possible reason for this can be continuous standing and walking for long hours. Persistent or excessive swelling may causes damage to the skin if proper medical treatment is not taken. It should not be taken lightly because excessive swelling may cause skin ulcerations.
Pregnancy may also be one of the reasons for the swelling of feet and lower legs. In fact swelling of feet and lower legs is quite common during pregnancy. But during pregnancy, water pills should not be used as treatment for swelling because it can be harmful for the health of mother and child. Swelling tends to resolve automatically after the birth of child. Sometimes, it may take few weeks for recovering. One thing must be kept in mind that sometimes excess of swelling may result into lot of urine output. Swimming is the best treatment for the pregnant ladies as the water pressure on the skin, forces the tissue fluid back into the veins which helps in recovering from swelling.

What Causes Swelling?
• Lack of nutrients, Having a poor diet, high in salt and carbohydrates
• Pregnancy
• Sodium Retention
• Muscle Injury and joint infections
• Allergic Reactions
• Trauma
• Drug Abuse
• Heart, Liver and Kidney Failure
• Fracture
• Mental Strain
• Less Blood Pressure – If the circulation of blood is slower than normal, it may result to swollen feet.
• Medications – swollen legs can also be caused by some of the medications such as birth control pills, steroids etc.

Excess Swelling can result into:
• High Blood Pressure
• Headaches and Strains
• Increased Urination
• Swollen hands and wrists
• Weight gain
• Feet Stiffness and pain
• Discomfort in walking

What Measures should be taken to Reduce Swelling?
• Eat less spicy food because it contributes to the fluid retention.
• Drink plenty of water
• Use support stockings as it promote blood circulation and limit the movement of fluid. Almost each drug store or medical shops carry these stockings.
• Do exercise regularly as it improves the circulation of blood.
• Avoid standing and walking for long period of time.
• Avoid continuous sitting for hours and keep your muscles active with help of suitable exercises.
• Review your medication with your doctors.
• Wear proper fitting of shoes and socks.
• Try to reduce excess weight.
• Mediation is also helpful in recovering.

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11 Comments on “What causes Swollen Feet?”

JoAnn wrote:

Can swollen feet be caused by a low estrigen birth control pill? if so, is this dangerous?

donna newton wrote:

Can the swelling of legs and feet be a side effect of contracting the H. PYLORI bacteria due exposure to arsenic e coli, fecal matter nitrate and chem exposure through our mobile home parks private well. I have a severe case of H Pylori and have had it for some years as recently I was forced to see a doctor when my abdomen felt like it had a blockage in the gut.

Phillip Coleman wrote:

Hi, My name is Phillip Coleman of Riverside… My mother is Irene and she is 98 years old and she is activity person and very good condition health but she had broken hip from fell last January 2010 but now she walked with walker.. She is good health and she has little low blood pressure and nothing wrong with her heart.

She has always have problem with swollen her both lower legs to both foot and Dr Agrawal, from Rain Cross Clinic in Riverside CA, gave her Water Pill which name Furnsonside (spelling) but it is NOT help at all to reduced. Her swollen always got back and forth everyday for one year (since July 2009). She got swollen almost every night before she goes to bed but in morning it was not swollen. Mostly time she sit chair but before broke hip and she did do actively and it cause swollen and there is no make different sit chair or do do around then get swollen.. WHY! She got tired of same medicine and never finally get better and no more swollen… Please HELP. for my mother to gone with swollen on her both lower legs… Thank you, Phillip Coleman

Richard Andrew Williams wrote:

On March 2010, I had a back operation. It did not cure my pain, it made it worse. Sometimes my pains are so strong that that I can’t even move. From time to time my house doctor gives me shots to ease the pain. Up until now my ankle/feet have swollen so much that I can’t wear my shoes anymore. The swelling is still the same. My medications are Lyrica, Targin, Remegil, Trevilor, and Movocol. I walk everyday, do daily exercises with my ball, WII Fit progam, Stand/Theraband exercises, and I get pleny of rest, drink plenty of water, the tight foods, vegetables and my therapists two times a week and workout and monitor my progress. My feet are starting to become very painful and every time I look at my feet, I become very frustrated. I don’t know why me feet are swollen, it could be water, medication, but I do sit a lot, because my back becomes very painful from standing and walking and sometimes doing a little garden work. Thank you.

Debbie Canavan wrote:

I have had a recurring problem with just one foot, the right one, always swollen. I have no problem with the other foot. I have high blood pressure but take medication and that is the only medication I take.
Been to foot doctors but cannot come up with the reason for this. If anyone has had a problem with this and can shed some light on this for me I’d greatly appreciate it.

Sara Brooks wrote:

Your problem and mine may be totally unrelated, but I also had and still do have this problem. I went to an orthopedic surgeon. He said that since it was in only one foot, my left one, and not only was my foot always swollen, but my leg also. There was pain in the back of my knee. He said that it was arthritis complicated by bursitis down the bone in front of my leg. I took extensive physical therapy for 6 months. My leg and foot got better as far as the pain, but the swelling has never left. This may not help at all, but it sounds a lot like what I had an still do!!! good luck!!!

Bridgett Ward wrote:

Regarding Debbie Canavan inquiry, I too have the exact same problem. For just a moment, both feet were swelling, now the left foot has reduced its swelling and yet my right foot is so swollen still (feel as if my foot resembles the puffer fish). Along with the increased swelling in my right foot, the skin feels so tight and it is so sore when I walk and at times just sitting or laying down it can be rather sore as well.

When I first discovered this, I waited near a week, assuming that I may have had some extra water retention this month due to a menstrual cycle. After a week I went into the E.R. to have it looked at with concerns. They ran a whole panel of labs on cvc and that included for any kidney,liver or heart abnormalities, yet it all checked out just fine. They told me to go home,reduce salt/sodium intake, reduce time on feet, use a tight fitting piece on the foot at night and need be get into a vascular clinic if it does not improve in a week or two. It’s a month later now, it’s not better, it’s frustrating not knowing what the cause is or if it could be serious.

I live in a area where these doctors for these problems are not available to me unless I want to travel quite a distance. I don’t drive anyhow. But I sure would very much appreciate ANY advice, suggestions or possible diagnosis from a professional without having to travel so far if its even possible. I’m getting rather worked up and scared in fear that my feet will need to be amputated or it will cause a possible fatality here. In time, I suppose I will need to go to any length to see a doctor, but much rather avoid it if I possibly can.Please, I will be very grateful to get any insight on my condition here. Thank you.

Virginia Nicely wrote:

I read the comments from Debbie Canavan about the swelling in just one foot( the right one). I have the same problem, just started a day or two. I am going to call my doctor tomorrow but as of yet do not know why this is happening. I have been icing it and sometimes when possibly I elevate it. If Debbie is answered on this problem please write to me also as we seem to be having the same problem going on.

Michelle wrote:

Hey Debbie I have the same exact problem, and I think that it is from wearing flip flops, I wear them almost all year long, and i noticed this started happening last year, and it started again a few months ago. mine swells up in the ankle too, but just on the right foot. it’s annoying, I am going to try and elevate it, and wear tennis shoes when it’s not hot, and lower my soda intake to no more than 2 pops a day and see if that helps. I do not have insurance.

Tara Peterson wrote:

I’ve never had my feet swell like this. It’s kind of scary. I went out last night and had no problems other than tired maybe when I went to bed around midnight. I woke up about 4 hours later and my feet and ankles were hot and achy. Now both feet and both ankles are swollen huge and hurt like they’re bruised but ache too. I’m sure I should see a doctor, but no insurance. They did this within a couple of hours and I can’t think of anything unusual I might have done to cause it. Anyone have any possible ideas? or treatment suggestions? I’ve had it elevated with ice packs but they aren’t seeming to help too much.

Lucia wrote:

Hello… I don’t feel alone anymore with the one foot swollen mystery situation (and the right one also!!).
For me it started happening when standing for prolonged periods of times (12 hours per day for 7 days) and wearing shoes that wear a tiny bit big on me. In fact it started with only pain in the ball of my foot, but no swelling, and only pain when I was barefooted. I had this for 11 days until I twisted my foot, and the swelling added to the pain except now the pain is on the upper part and not only the ball of the foot.
I went to the doctor and they even took x-rays, but there is no fractures. The other possibilities he gave me are arthritis or gouts. My blood work comes back next Tuesday and I am going to be going to an orhhopedic or other type of foot specialist because I am convinced my problem will NOT be any of the two options he gave me. Also my doctor put me on a antiflammatory which I don’t like because it gets me dizzy. By only taking three pills it solved the problem, except from standing my foot gets back to being swollen. I substituted with Advil, but I would basically have to be on it every day because my foot goes back to being swollen again and again and again. I can’t wait to have a definite answer and solution to my problem. Oh and staying off my foot does not work out for me as I work retail.

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