What Is Black Gold? What Are Its Uses?

The term “black gold” has been applied to at least two natural resources in the past. Petroleum, commonly known as “oil” was called black gold because of it s value and the amount of money it brought to those who had it to sell. At one time in history, coal was as precious a commodity as oil and was sometimes referred to as black gold.

black-goldHowever, there is a new “black gold” on the market today and it is not a natural resource. It is a supplement that reportedly helps the body produce testosterone, while also keeping the user from feeling so tired. It may also help the body’s immune system and provide the user with additional endurance.

According to marketing information for this supplement, Black Gold helps the body maintain testosterone and estrogen levels in a natural process. It is designed to be used twice daily, according to strict guidelines for use. While strict scientific results are not yet available, there are reports from consistent users that indicate this product does indeed increase testosterone levels. But it is not considered an “external” source for the hormone. It is intended to work with the body’s own natural process of testosterone production.

While there are nutritional supplements and diet supplements on the market that present evidence of increased energy levels and mental alertness, Black Gold apparently provides some of the same benefits without seriously stimulating the body or causing a significant metabolism increase. One energy “unit” in the body that this supplement reportedly acts on is ATP, which is known by the chemical/pharmaceutical name adenosine triphosphate.

Advertising material for the product known as Black Gold proposes that the product affects as many as 100 of the body functions related to overall health, performance and so on. Comparisons have been made to the B-vitamin group, which is also believed to help with energy levels, mental acuity and healthy circulation of the blood. Body builders might enjoy benefits from both the supplement and from B vitamins because they both reportedly help with prominence of the veins and with blood circulation.

An additional benefit claimed by producers of Black Gold is in the area of the immune system. According to advertising information, the supplement offers anti-oxidants that may slow the internal aging process. As a result, the body is stronger and more able to resist certain illness situations. Suppliers also claim that the supplement can have a positive effect on blood pressure and fever conditions.

Black Gold is available as a tablet and is manufactured in doses for twice-daily use. According to most information about the product, benefits may become noticeable as soon as five days, but sometimes improvement may take up to 10 days.

According to the producers, the contents include a “blend” of certain pollens and other extracts. Black Gold allegedly has no serious side effects. It most certainly does not prevent disease, according to the company’s own information. It is also reported to be safe for those who might be concerned about drug screens for illegal substances.

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