What is Blu Ray Disc ?

Blu ray disc commonly known as the BD is actually a storage medium of optical disc. This disc has the same physical appearance and dimensions as in usual CDs and DVDs. It is called blue ray disc because a blue laser is used to write and read on this disc. This beam of laser has very less wavelength i.e. 405nm, so large amount of data can be stored on this disc as compared to the normal DVDs which use the beams of wavelength 650nm. Blu Ray Disc is usually a bi-layered disc and it is able to store the data of even 50 GB, which is basically the 6 times of the capacity of normal DVDs. Blu-ray Disc was originally developed by the a group named as Blu-ray Disc Association. In November of 2008 1150 Blu-ray Disc titles were released in USA, and 610 Blu-ray Disc titles were released in the Japan.

blu-ray-discDevelopment of Blu Ray Disc
After the invention of the blue laser diodes by the Shuji Nakamura, Sony and Phillips launched two new projects for testing the application of two diodes i.e. DVR Blue and Ultra Density Optical (UDO). With initial results of project, it was finally named as blu-ray project and an association called Blu-ray Disc Association was established with nine members. The specification decisions of blu-ray disc were finished in 2004. In 2005 first polymers of blu-ray disc were announced to be developed. And the specifications for the BD-ROM were finalized in the early 2006. Then in June of 2006, first BD-ROM players were shipped into the markets. At initial stages these players faced severe competition from HD DVD players. Then finally in the same month first BD titles were released in the market and the first dual-layered BD with storage capacity of 50 GB was first launched in October 2006. And finally the first mass-consignment of BD was released by Sony.

Technical Specifications of Blu Ray Disc
Two types of Blu Ray Disc are known to be in use- Standard sized disc and mini sized disc, now two formats exists for each of these- single layer capacity and dual layer capacity. Standard sized disc is having dimension of 12cm and mini sized disc have dimension of 8cm. Single layer capacity disc can store data of 25 GB (standard sized) and 7.8 GB (mini sized). Double layer capacity disc can store data of 50GB (standard sized) and 15.6GB (mini sized).

Region Codes
Blu Ray Disc disks are usually encoded with special codes of a particular region. This restricts the particulate areas of world where these discs can be played. Blu Ray Disc players sold in a particular region will support and play the Blu Ray Disc of that region only. This system makes motion picture studios capable of controlling several features of release in a particular region.

BD-R discs are those which can be written only once on the other hand BD-RF are discs which can be erased and re-recorded for many times. Prescribed maximum speed for writing Blu Ray Disc is 12 X. higher speeds of rotation causes to much wobbling of the disc. As it is clear that Blu Ray Disc is a new technique and it is in its very early stages of development. With time more advancement can be expected in Blu Ray Disc devices, because these days Blu-ray discs are one of the major interest catching issues of leading electronics world.

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