What Is Piracy?

Piracy is simply defined as the creation of duplicate un-authenticated copies of some copyright protected item. The item can be a sound file, video file like movies, PC games, softwares or even hardware utilities. But the piracy of audio-video files is a much developed and penetrated crime as compared to another sort of piracies. Piracy is a special crime categorized under sections of copyright violations; it is in fact severely detrimental for growing music and video industries.

Actually original copyrighted pieces of articles are very expensive by nature on the other hand, pirated materials are easily available in market at very cheap prices, so to save pockets people prefer to compromise with quality and they buy pirated items. This in turn dilutes the money invested in creating original items, and glut condition appears in market of original items. So piracy ultimately discourages the entertainment industry by rationalizing their hard works.

Piracy- Telecine

piracyTelecine can sometimes be used to refer the piracy itself. Telecine is actually a technique of producing pirated copies using a machine called telecine. This technique of piracy is actually an expensive one so it is less common in use. Picture studios have developed techniques of CAP called Coded Anti-Piracy, to discourage this sort of activity. A telecine movie is simply a pirated addition of a movie. In fact in international market this term is more commonly used to denote pirated editions of movies. Usual quality standard of a telecine is almost comparable with an original DVD print. But due to sophistication of this technique, it use is declining day by day. These days a more common technique named as R5 is used to create pirated discs.

Types of piracy
Piracy can never be classified in a special category or class. In fact, anything original, which is expensive have a pirated edition in market. List off various important pirated materials include-

Audio piracy
– This kind of piracy find its biggest market in developing Asian countries. Pirated MP3, MP4 files are common business of these zones. Because of lack of strict laws and regulations, piracy is having a ban-voyage in these areas of world. One can easily find pirated editions of western music albums at the same day when they get released in west native places.
Video/movie piracy– These days movie piracy is establishing its roots in west also. The prints of pirated movies are of comparable quality with the prints of original pieces. So, people prefer to buy these cheap and easily available prints of movies in spite of spending money on original prints.
Computer piracy– Computer piracy is new but fast growing sort of piracy. General victim of this kind of piracy is PC games. Pc games are very expensive because of heavy entertainment duties, but their pirated editions are available in extremely affordable prices. And moreover these pirated games provide same pixels and graphical appearances as provided by original ones. Another field of computer piracy is the piracy of softwares. Cracks of softwares are very popular in markets of all over the world, because one can never afford heavy prices of softwares. Only organizations or agencies can buy an original piece of latest application software. But for personal use one has to rely on cracks of these expensive softwares. This point is acting as manure to the growing computer piracy. Piracy is not limited to these materials only, these days piracy of hardware is also in common observation.

To restrict this duplicity strong laws and regulations are needed all over the world.

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gunjan wrote:

piracy is simply known as the creation of duplicate video movies, PC games and sound files etc. to stop the piracy all over the world our laws and regulations need be harsher

Mervyn wrote:

Would it be considered piracy if I just download files, music, videos, programs,etc and not distribute it? Just having it for me. And what’s wrong if I do distribute it but for free?

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