What Is The Meaning Of Halloween?

Around 2,000 years before, a holiday was celebrated by “the Celts” which was called as Samhain. Samhain was pronounced as “Sa-wan”. Samhain is actually the name of God of Death. For all living people God of Death is not less then an evil spirit. But this is not true for the dead. According to the common believe of the Celts, in the end of October (last day of October), God of Death (Samhain) allows the dead souls to visit their loving ones. This night was popular as the “night of Samhain”.

HalloweenConcept of Halloween
Now, for the Celts, the “night of Samhain” was a scary night. According to the traditions of the Celts, on the “night of Samhain” the Celts would leave their places and they were supposed to be gathered in a ground outside the town. And then in that ground they would build a large bonfire in order to scare the ghosts/spirits that were supposed to be roaming in the town.

Rise of modern Halloween

Today’s Halloween is a modified format of the holiday of Samhain. But it was not actually named as Halloween at first. When Romans attacked on the Celts (around 1st century), they modified the event of Samhain. They added two more features in this festival- Poloma (name of the Roman Goddess of trees and fruit) and Feralia (to pay respect and honor to the dead). And then finally the Celts methodology was replaced by the Christianity. Then in 800 A.D November 1st was declared as the “All Saints’ Day”, by the Christian church. This festival was introduced in the society to honor the Saints of the world. Then, the Catholic Church declared the November 2nd as “All Souls’ Day”, in order to pay the respect and honor for the dead. But with passage of time costumes of festival “Samhain” penetrated into the celebrations of All Saints’ Day”. As a result, “All Saints’ Day” got popularity as Allhallowmas. Over the time this name Allhallowmas has been shortened as “Halloween”. So, every year Halloween lies on the night of 1st November and the eve of October 31st is popular as “All Hallow Eve’’.

Spiritual meaning of the Halloween
For kids, Halloween is a festival of fun. But Halloween also possesses a spiritual meaning. Almost every religion of the world, have some certain ways of paying respect to their ancestors. Halloween provides the same purpose in Christianity. Halloween means paying honor to your ancestors, on the eve of Halloween every one is supposed to- remember their grandparents, remember their lessons and remember their blessings, their love and their warmth.

Halloween is actually a time for recalling those gifts that your loved ones / ancestors have left for you. On the eve of Halloween, we should make a wish about a society that never forgets their ancestors. So, Halloween can be termed as a celebration of the legacy. On this day, we all celebrate the gifts of our ancestors and hence we celebrate the life.

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Sunshine wrote:

To remember our loved ones who passed away!! You don’t need to celebrate that in one day. We already remember them every day, because they are not with us. And if it’s so to remember loved ones, why is that everyone has to wear costumes and scary ones, every one watches scary movies dress up as witches, monsters, and even the devil and some even worship it that day. So don’t tell me it’s to for the ones we’ve lost.

Ernest Cassell wrote:

We have to be very careful as parents not sent conflicting, double standards to the young children and even growups. We as Christians should not give credence to the devil, may it be by those custumes of witches and the devil. This holiday is unchristian and should be stopped.

Erin Chumley wrote:



kathy wrote:

Halloween is a day that people have recreated to please satan. its our duty as Christians to pray for these lost souls.

Dee wrote:

I’m not writing this to make anyone mad, and I understand how you feel about Halloween but, People don’t dress up as witches and the devil anymore. If you go out on Halloween night you will see that little kids and babies are dressed up as Casper, some kind of princess or something, so how is that really worshiping the devil. So my question for you is, would you stop your child from dressing up as some kind of child dream and going out and getting candy and have fun? If you want to stop a holiday pick out some stupid one!!

Willow wrote:

Halloween has nothing to do with the devil. It is a time to celebrate the harvest and the new year as the celts believed in the circle of life death and rebirth. It is the end of one season and the beginning of another.

Halloween is a time of year when the veil between the worlds is at its most thinnest, thus allowing the land of the living and the realm of the dead to intermix, and spirits may pass through. Unfortunately not all spirits are like Casper. As a result the celts had to protect themselves from these spirits in many ways. They would dress up in ‘unusual’ garb to confuse the spirits into thinking there were not mortals around. Candles would be placed in pumpkins which would have scary faces on to scare the spirits away.

Anu wrote:

@Dee: I don’t think its all about worshiping the devil but paying respect to the ancestors.

@Sunshine: I totally agree with you. But guess there is no harm in giving respect to them on a special day as well. Eg: You might give respect to your grandpa or grand mom on their death anniversary by not drinking or smoking.

I think Halloween should be celebrated as a day of respect to your ancestors and even to remember their teachings and love given to you.

miami wrote:

It is the true meaning of Halloween that’s bad. How could we even turn a day of worship for the dead, into a holiday for children, no matter how innocent. There only lies good and bad in the world, and if we are not using this holiday for good, what are we telling the children… ?

The children have plenty of holidays and if I had to choose, it would clearly make sense, Mr.?mrs. dee wrote, that this would actually be the most “stupid” holiday… read about how this holiday started and the rituals that were being done to bring back the dead… Are children already afraid of natural things, like the lights off, then we turn around and scare them half to death with ghostly beings…. and if you don’t agree with trying to bring the dead to life… why participate… it’s the devil’s job to make it appear innocent… and that’s exactly the excuse we use.

patrick wrote:

As a christian you don’t have to set aside a day for worshiping any other thing, Halloween to me is not religious, it’s so barbaric to listen or reading some sort of confusing statement from people who loves satanic style of approach or bringing someone into the unGodly association. If you are of the lord remain in your faith, you can’t serve two masters at the same time, serving mammon and God, it’s forbidden.

Lisa wrote:

Seriously folks this is just an answer to a question and some historical facts. No one is making you or your children dress up as devils and do ancestral worshiping. By the way all you out there that name your children after Fathers, Mothers, Grandmothers, Grandfathers and use last names as middle names etc. what do you think you are doing? Nodding to one of your ancestors?

Briony wrote:

I have been researching this topic for my daughter’s school project. I have read many things and it all comes back to the beliefs and rituals of the celts. The reason for trick or treating, wearing costumes etc all stems from their beliefs, but overtime has somehow become what is today. I really don’t feel it is that evil. I think people need to get off their high horses. It was their way of life and rituals. You may not like them, but not everyone shares your beliefs. I feel that many people use the word of God and the bible to benefit themselves and justify certain things. The word of God can be read how ever you want to read it. I sometimes find the things people take from the Bible is used to reinforce their prejudices. You do not know that this is, not what happened to these people. And even if it didn’t, who is anyone to discredit their beliefs, each to their own. Oh and by the way, they weren’t worshiping the devil, they were afraid.

beee wrote:

Do not be deceived. The fact that kids now dress up as Casper and princesses doesn’t cancel the basis and foundation of Halloween, you are still paying homage to Satan, you are just doing it in another uniform.
As a christian we all know what the bible says about misleading children.
May God open our eyes to the truth, your kids can play princess at home on no specific day and you will always get candy @ the stores if it’s so important. Don’t use candies as an excuse to worship the devil.

Precious Peterson wrote:

We have to be very careful on Halloween because well it is said its the day that all the spirits are let out but as a christian I try my best to stay away from evil.

Bagabones wrote:

Hi, ya got it all wrong, we celebrate it to honor our dead, it goes back 3 to 4000 yrs long before Christians, Romans, when it comes to Devil, Satan, Demons, that would be Christian idea, we have no concept of this in our culture. The end of the year, the start new one, we understood nature and it’s cycles, we are talking about a culture that was around long time and sadly has been misunderstood by so called modern world.

Don't have to prove wrote:

I was researching for my children why we don’t celebrate this time. By the way they get harassed at school because we won’t celebrate it. I teach my children not to be crowd followers and to know why you do things and not just to do it just because someone says it is so. I teach them this way of thinking in Christ also because there are false prophets who mislead. So an unbeliever will think that your convictions are ridiculous….but when you are of the Kingdom of God who cares what someone else thinks. If they don’t want to hear the truth so be it.

pamela wrote:

I don’t think about Satan I just take my kids to get candy & have fun, I love Jesus.

cassandra wrote:

To tell you the truth I really don’t know the meaning of Halloween that’s why I was on here trying to find out just what it does mean. I suppose you will never get the truth about it because everyone has a different opinion, no matter what you find out about it. If you want to celebrate it then do, if you don’t want to then don’t. All I can say is don’t judge the ones that do and the one that do don’t judge the ones that don’t. I really don’t think anyone knows the real meaning of Halloween and don’t really care why they celebrate it, all they know is that it’s a tradition.

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