What Is TV Tuner?

A TV tuner can be defined as a device through which a user receives the signals of various TV channels. A tuner converts these received signals into sounds and pictures. In earlier days, only dial type TV tuners were available, which were mainly used to change the channels. In some cases, in order to view a special cable channel, subscribers needs to buy special TV tuner box from the respective channel providers or cable companies. Modern TVs have pre-fixed TV tuners. Modern name of TV tuners is TV tuner card; it can be internal or external (TV tuner), depending upon the model of TV or computer.

But a TV tuner enabled computer or TV will be able to display respective channels on their screens. So, it can be said that a TV tuner can convert a computer into a TV, and with dependence on the service of cable network, computer (enabled with tuner card) will allow a user to watch various TV channels.

TV tuner and “free to air signals”

tv-tuner1A TV tuner is also able to catch the “free to air “signals, so with the help of TV tuner a user can watch various free channels, without any service of cable network. In some countries, signal broadcasting of all the channels is free to air. In that particular countries TV tuner is greatest source of catching and displaying the TV signals. With the help of TV tuner, one can also receive the strong signals of some other zone, so a person in Mexico can watch American channels and a person of Pakistan can catch “free to air” TV signals of India.

Facts about purchasing TV tuners

A person should take extensive cares while purchasing an external TV tuner or internal TV tuner card. TV tuners should have compatibility with respective computer systems. Some simple TV tuners work easily on personal computers, but some other will need extra software, for catching and displaying the signals. Some TV tuners can also claim some memory of the computer system, in order to run TV on it.

Disadvantages of TV tuners
Critics, argue that TV tuner is nothing more than a waste of money, especially when it comes with a computer system. Actually, watching TV is a matter of joy for the families, but it’s uncomfortable to gather the whole family near computer screen. It’s a common believe that a laptop or a computer can serve entertainment to one person only, so a computer can never replace a TV.

Uses of TV tuners

But in Spite of above mentioned ideas, TV tuners are in great demand. Their popularity is increasing day by day. TV tuners can be great source of entertainment for those, who live alone or for those who carry a laptop only. With TV tuners, a person can enjoy TV at roads, in hostels or in hospitals. As headphones are easily available for the laptops, so a person can enjoy TV without disturbing the surroundings.
Some TV tuners are also able to catch the signals of FM radio, so TV tuners also act as portable radio devices. But a fact can’t be ignored that, a TV tuner is much more expensive, as compared to some simple radio set.

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