When did Cricket start?

The game of cricket was started about 600 years ago, according to some sports researchers. An old picture in the Oxford Library shows two persons playing with a bat and a ball.

But according to written records, the first cricket match between Kent and London was played on 18th June 1744. In this match, London was defeated.

The rules of this game were framed a few years later. The length of the pitch was fixed at 22 yards. The wicket was made of two sticks. cricket startThe bat for cricket was designed on the pattern of hockey sticks.

Now there are some changes in these things. The wicket now consists of three sticks and the bat is a straight one, being narrow at the point where it is held by the hand and broader at the bottom.

In 1803, when this game was started, the Australian team came to England in 1868 and played 47 matches with the English team. Australia won 14 matches, lost another 14 matches, and drew the rest of the 19 matches.

The first world Test match was played between England and Australia in Melbourne from 15th to 17th March 1877. This match was won by Australia by 45 runs but Australia was defeated in the second Test Match played at the same place.

Gradually after this, the system of Test matches spread all over the world. More than 800 players of the world have taken part in various Test matches during the last one hundred years.

Nowadays this game has a great attraction for millions of people. Tickets for the test matches are obtained with great difficulty. The commentaries of these test matches are broadcast over radio and television. Every body enjoys these test matches.

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Good for knowledge.

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Cricket started in England. That time hockey structured bat was used.

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