When did Wrestling Originate?

According to man, wrestling is one of the earliest sports. The pictures of wrestling matches have been found on the walls of the ancient tombs in Egypt and on hundreds of sculptures all over the world. Almost all the tricks of wrestling have been shown in these pictures. It is also clear from these pictures that wrestling is at least 5000 years old.

According to the Greeks, the modern style of wrestling was started in Greece by a hero named Theseus. In ancient Greece, wrestling was a very popular sport. Those days, Milo of Croton was the Greek wrestling champion. He scored six Olympic victories and won 26 national championships.

Around 23 B.C, wrestling was introduced in Japan. This was called the ‘Sumo’ style of wrestling. Henry VIII, a British king, was very fond of wrestling.
There are two styles of wrestling, Free and Greco-Roman. Freestyle wrestling in different forms has been common all over the world for the past few thousand years. In 1860, the Greco-Roman style of wrestling was started in France. Legs are not used in the Greco Roman style of wrestling. A square mattress with each side measuring 12 metres is used for the wrestling matches.

wrestlingWrestling was integrated in the modern Olympic Games in 1904. There are many celebrated wrestlers in the world. During the Olympics held in Tokyo in 1964, Osamu Watanabe of Japan was declared the freestyle feather weight champion. He was never defeated in any wrestling competition. In 1952, K.D Jadav of India won a bronze medal in the Olympic wrestling competition. Aleksandra Medived of Russia, Carl Westergen and Ivar Johansson of Sweden have been successful in Olympic wrestling championships. Aleksandra Medved won the championship ten times.

Gama, an Indian wrestler, made the Indian style of wrestling famous all over the world. He was regarded as one of the most famous wrestlers in the world.

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very interesting

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very interesting !!!

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Greco-Roman started in France, that’s wrong! The Greeks taught the Roman Empire wrestling and became good friends with them and that’s why its called Greco (greece) Roman (Roman empire). It was started by Alexander the Great.

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