When Was The Salisbury Cathedral Clock Built?

The Salisbury Cathedral Clock is the world’s oldest working clock in the world; it has been telling the time since 1386. The clock doesn’t have a dial and it belongs to the category of astronomical clocks which were built in the 13th and 14th century England.

There are scattered evidences that there used to be a clock at the Salisbury Cathedral in the 1280s but it can’t be confirmed. If it there was a clock it would have been a precursor of the 1386 clock. The Salisbury Cathedral clock doesn’t have a dial; it was designed to strike hours at regular intervals. The gears and other mechanical parts are enclosed in a square iron frame of 1.2 m. Two large stones hanging from a pulley supplied the power. They hang in the air and power the clock on their way down. Once the stones are down, they have to be lifted again.

Salisbury Cathedral Clock

Pendulum clocks in the 17th made Salisbury style clocks rather redundant. In the 18th century the clock was shifted to another tower where it was them replaced with a pendulum clock. The clock ate dust till 1929 when the maintenance crew at the Cathedral stumbled upon it. The clock was restored and it has been working since 1956.

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