When Was The Sphinx Discovered?

Unlike many ancient structures, the Sphinx of Giza in Egypt was never buried in the sands of the Egyptian deserts, so its existence was always known to the people traveling in the area. Although it is one of the most recognized and oldest structures in the world; it is still not known with certainty who built the structure, and when it was built.

There are no antique inscriptions which describe why the ancient Egyptians built the structure. The English name of the structure comes from the Greek language. The ancients Greeks called it spigs, which is related to the verb sfiggu which means ‘I strangle’. It is also known in the Arab world as Abu al hul which means the ‘father of terror’.
Sphinx_of_GizaMainstream archeologists put the construction date around 2,500 BC during the reign of pharaoh Khafra, but this is disputable. There are numerous theories on why the Egyptians built the Sphinx and it is a major tourist attraction in the modern world. It attracts around 10 million visitors each year. The structure is now in shambles. It is old and unable to withstand the environmental factors acting against it. There are a lot of restoration attempts, but they often end up doing more harm than good.

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