Where Is Remote Desktop On My PC?

Where can I find Terminal Services on my PC?
Right-click My Computer, go to the Properties tab, click there and look for the Remote Tab and then click on it. There you’ll see an option written like this Allow users to remotely connect to this computer. This will turn on the Remote Desktop. There you can select users by clicking on the Select Remote Users button. It should not be confused with ‘remote assistance’.

Remote Desktop Services are also known as Terminal Services and it is a component of Microsoft Windows which allows a user to access data and other applications on a remote computer over a network (normally internet). It also makes it possible for a user to control operations on a remote computer. This service was first introduced in the Terminal Server Edition of Windows NT 4.0. The services were improved with each new version of Windows. This facility is available in only selected Windows.

Remote Desktop

Terminal Services allows technicians working in IT departments to install applications i.e. deploying database or accounting software etc from a central server to remote computers, provided the remote computers have the required software installed in them.

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