Where Is The Device Manager?

Go to the Start menu, click on it and a list will come up. Select the Control Panel tab in the list; a new window will open. In the newly opened window, there will be an icon titled System; a double-click on this will open the System Properties window. There will be a tab titled Hardware; click on it and you will see a new window pop up. Look for a tab titled Device Manager under Tasks.

A Device Manager is a function of Microsoft Windows which allows users to view and control the hardware attached to a computer. If a piece of hardware breaks down, the malfunctioning hardware is highlighted in the Device Manager which makes it easier for the user to deal with the problem. Microsoft first introduced this add-on in Windows 95 and since then, it has become a standard component of Windows.
Device ManagerThere is a second benefit of the Device Manager. It also tells us about the ‘non-present devices’. For example, if the woofers of a computer are taken off it, the Device Manager will indicate their absence. Another example is the removal of a pen-drive off a computer. It is advisable in these scenarios to first activate the Device Manager and then do the installation or de-installation of the devices. This will display a message on your computer screen, which would read it is safe to take off the device or something similar.

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