Where Is The Recycle Bin?

Right click on the Desktop, go the Properties then look for Desktop Tab. Then click on Customize desktop. There the ‘recover option’ is available.

Recycle Bin was introduced by the Microsoft as a part of Windows 95 operating system. The function of Recycle Bin is to keep some of the files which have been deleted, whether by mistake or consciously. Normally, only those files, which have been deleted via the Explorer graphical interface, go into the Recycle Bin; files deleted through API or via Command Prompt are not put into the Recycle Bin.
Recycle BinRecycle Bin proves to be useful when, out of blue, props up the need to produce an old document which has already been deleted. In these kinds of situations, one can simply open Recycle Bin and restore the deleted files. Before Windows Vista was launched, a typical Recycle Bin would have 10% of the total capacity.

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