Who Invented Bullets?

Captain John Norton of the British Army designed the first bullet-looking bullet in 1823. The earlier bullets until then were spheres of metal or wood. Norton’s bullet was different. Its base was hollow, it expanded when the bullet was fired under the pressure of the gas (which is produced by the explosives inside the bullet) fitted inside the barrel well and hit the target more accurately.

BulletsThirteen years later, an English gunsmith William Greener improved on the Norton designed bullet and made a more reliable bullet. He named it ‘Greener bullet’. The French were quick to adopt the new technology. A French captain, Claude Étienne Minié, made further improvements and introduced the bullet into the French army. It was named ‘minié ball’ by the French. Seven years later, the British were using ‘minié ball’ bullets.

The improvements were carried further by inventors like Sir Joseph Whitworth and W. E. Metford but the next major advancement in the design of bullets came from a Swiss laboratory. in 1883, Major Rubin, director of a Swiss laboratory in Thus, used bullets with lead enclosed inside a copper shell. The modern bullet has had only minor refinements since then, that is – the addition of fins to supersonic bullets and other cosmetic changes.

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