Who Invented Clothes?

It is not known who the first person to clad himself or herself was. It is likely that that some primitive humans, after killing animals, could have put on their skin to keep themselves warm. That was the beginning of clothes. Exactly when did that happen? And who was the person? These are some of the questions which are difficult to answer.

ClothesSurprising to the popular mindset, the primary function of clothing is to keep us comfortable and protect us from the harmful effects of the environment. It was the main reason that forced primitive humans to put on animal skin (clothes) and not some moral issues of the time! Clothes form a layer between our bodies and the surroundings, thus, protecting us from sunburns in the summers and providing us insulation in the winters. Space suits worn by the astronauts (or cosmonauts or taikonauts!) are a good example; they don’t wear space suits to look attractive or any thing of that sort. They wear space suits because without them astronauts cannot survive the hazardous environment of our space.

Both Christianity and Islam require women to cover themselves. Although most of the Christians don’t follow these practices any longer, it is still common among the Muslim women living in the Middle East. Most cultures have social codes which direct what men or women can wear. Although, it is getting more and more common for women to wear men’s clothes but the opposite is not true. The future may witness clothes studded with electronics but that is still a thing of the future.

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