Who Invented Ice?

Ice is snow accumulated on ground, which means that the nature invented ice! But when it comes to the artificial production of ice, it is a relatively new phenomenon in the history of civilization. The Persians had mastered the art of storing ice in the summers as early as the 4th century BC. They would store ice harvested in the winters in big silo-type underground containers. The walls of those underground containers were made of sand and clay and they proved to be excellent insulators. There were similar techniques used by other civilizations – people would store ice in the winter season so that they could be used in the summers. This is called ‘ice harvesting’. Ice harvesting was a big business until the advent of refrigerators which made it redundant.

IceIn the early 20th century, mechanical production started. It had its own problems and critics. Critics claimed natural ice was better and the ice produced in the factories dangerous. Factories made ice cheaper but it was still more expensive than many metals of the time. Home refrigerators virtually didn’t exist so; there was a regular delivery of ice, to those who could afford it, like milk or the newspapers.

The household refrigerator was about to change everything. Now, the people were no longer dependent upon on ice-deliveries. They were the things of the past. In 1921, mere five thousand household refrigerators were manufactured in the United States, sixteen years later; the number was six million a year.

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