Who Invented Kites?

Two Chinese philosophers Mo Di and L? B?n are the inventors of the kites if the Chinese legends are to be believed. The kites were invented by these philosophers around 5th century BC. But the legend is not alone, another version suggests that a Chinese army general Huan Theng first made kites in 202 BC. There is also a third story which credits Han Sin as the inventor of kites. He is said to have invented kites in 206 BC.

There are also some historians who would like to credit the Greeks for having invented the kites. They say Archytas in Tarentum, an ancient Greek city, invented kites somewhere between 400 – 300 BC. It is not possible to verify the story. There is still an alternative version and if it is to be believed, then the first kites were made and flown by the aborigines of South Sea Islands. None of the above mentioned views can be proved, but it is likely, as the available evidence suggests that the Chinese were the first to make and fly kites.

KitesThe kites are not only a way of entertainment but there are some important roles for them. In olden times, they were used by the military for various purposes. If the Chinese legends are to be believed, then the kites and the strings were strong enough to lift a person, who could then spy over the enemy territory. Kite aerial photography was used as late as 1906 to by George Lawrence to photograph the earthquake devastated city of San Francisco (aircraft were still in the development stage then). They are also used by meteorologists (persons who study weather) to take weather readings and kites are also used as sails in some sports.

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