Who Invented The First Train?

The first patent for a locomotive was issued in the name of Julius Griffiths in 1821. The Greeks were the first to use wagonways. Wagonways were trains which were pulled either by the slaves or by the animals, mostly horses. These wagonways were not in use for more than fifteen centuries after the Greek civilization fell. Wagonways began to reappear on the scene during the renaissance age. The Germans were among the first to use them. They were using wagonways in the 15th century. Early train wheels were made of wood but by the 1776, iron had taken its place.

trainWilliam Jessup was the first person to design wagonways with flanged wheels in 1789. Wagonways were trains pulled by horses. Richard Trevithick built the first steam engine and attached it to the bogies. His creation was more like present day trams than locomotives. The first company to transport both goods and people on a regular basis was Stockton and Darlington Railroad Company. These trains consisted of 21 bogies and could carry up to 450 passengers at 9 miles an hour.

The fastest trains in use are Shàngh?i Cífú Shìfàn Yùnyíng Xiàn (Shanghai Maglev Train), which connect the Shanghai Pudong International Airport to the Shanghai city center. they were invented by the British engineer Eric Roberts Laithwaite. The fastest speed achieved by a Shanghai Maglev Train is 501 km/h. These trains don’t have wheels and they work on the interaction between the magnetic fields produced by a train and its tracks.

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