Who Invented The Zero?

The credit for this goes to Indian mathematicians and the number zero first appears in a book about ‘arithmetic’ written by an Indian mathematician ‘Brahamagupta’. Zero signifies ‘nothing’ and the current definition calls it an ‘additive identity’.

Mathematically; x + 0 = x, i.e. 0 is a number which, when added to a number yields the same number.

When we go deeper, it becomes clearer that the things are much more complex. It wasn’t that somebody suddenly came up with the idea of the zero and the mathematicians throughout the world accepted it. Around 500 AD, Aryabhata, an Indian mathematician, devised a numbers system and the symbol he used for the number zero was also the number used to represent an unknown element (x). This system was confusing but the improvements continued and by 876 AD, the concept of zero was mostly understood and the symbol for it was ascertained.

ZeroThe Indian mathematicians Bhaskara, Mahavira and Brahamagupta worked on this new number and they tried to explain its properties. Some were true and some were not. For example, Bhaskara correctly that stated 02 = 0 and 01/2 = 0 but he was wrong to have supposed that n/0 = Infinity. If n/0 = Infinity were to be true there would arise results which don’t make sense. One of them was 1 = 2 = 3 …….

The reason of this was that the Indian mathematicians could not conclude that no number could be divided by zero. The Maya people in present day Mexico knew and understood the concept of zero but because they were so much disconnected with the rest of the world civilizations, it had little impact on the rest of the world.

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famina wrote:

the inventor is a great man as he made d world easy.zero is very imp. 2 our life &thanks 2 d inventor

PARTH wrote:


kajol wrote:

today we have a great value of zero in our lives….. today’s world is unimaginable without zero……..

Shabuddin wrote:

Brahmaguptha invented ZERO. Great man he is…

Subhasis Das wrote:

Budha said that cause of sorrow desire.

that means if desire stands to zero then we will get pleasure.

we can express this using mathematics

pleasure=(achieved desire/pending desire)


if pending desire = zero

we must have respect who have invented zero the nothing

nitin vats wrote:

value of zero is nothing, but 0 is important in everything..salute to the inventor..he makes india proud..

sreepadma wrote:

hats off to every1 who worked on zero.. It was really a miracle ever happened!

Shaji wrote:

No. He is not the inventor of Zero. The zero was used from the year 3114 B.C. The indigenous people of north America used zero[Ref: Their hieroglyphs]
Brahmagupta may derived from ancient mythology. He is not an innovator!

Vikash Sharma wrote:

wow!!!!!!! He was a great man…. His innovative idea of inventing ZERO will help the world until the Doomsday…. He also makes us proud to be an Indian.

nitya singh wrote:

very good information keep it up

kiran wrote:

Hats off to all Indian mathematicians. They changed the world.

srujana wrote:

How great our Indian mathematicians, no value for 0 but it is useful in everything.

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