Who Invented Webkinz?

Webkinz are stuffed toys that were released by a Canadian company Ganz for the first time in April 2005. The company was founded by Samuel Ganz and his sons Jack and Sam Ganz in 1950. Webkinz are special toys because each Webkinz toy comes along with a unique eight character code and using that code a child can go the Webkinz website and play with his/her virtual toy there. Most of the toys manufactured by this company are pets. This facility is available for a limited time period. There are a whole lot of games available on the company website.


The company website is very popular in North America and has also won many awards. The children care for their pets online; they decorate rooms and earn virtual money by participating in various games and doing small jobs on the site. Webkinz’s eStores can be used to purchase the company toys from throughout the world. There is also criticism attached with the website. Some schools have banned Webkinz toys and some parents don’t allow their children to opt for Webkinz toys because they think, their children would be addicted to the website.

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