Who Invented Windows?

Gary Kildall was the first person to create an operating system for the computers which was separate from the hardware. He was a PhD in computers and he named his system CP/M.

The first versions of Windows were based on a system which was invented or designed by Tim Paterson. He named his system QDOS. Microsoft, a company founded by Bill Gates and his school friend Paul Allen in 1975 improved on it.

It is a myth that Bill Gates invented Windows. He only founded the company which designed a more user friendly computer operating system called ‘Windows’.


It is said that there was an oral agreement between the IBM (one of world leading companies in computers) and Gary Kildall but G. Kildall never benefited much, monetarily, from his invention. He died in 1996 and never got the credit he deserved for his invention.

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3 Comments on “Who Invented Windows?”

chalapathi wrote:

Gary Kildall is really very great person, he inspired me very much.
Thank you.

Ravikiranchowdary wrote:

I strongly believe he is the God father of CS Engineers.

Vincent Juliano wrote:

I am a PHP programmer. I believe that Gary Kildall was a very hard working man.
It is very very sad he was never rewarded his invention of making the QDOS system. I pray at least someone in his family does.

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