Who Invented Words?

It depends upon the word in question. For example, the words ‘accused’, ‘addiction’, ‘flawed’ etc were invented by the famous English playwright William Shakespeare and others like ‘ok’ were result of social phenomena of their time. It is widely believed that the word ‘ok’ is the abbreviation of ‘orl korrekt’.

Philologists are trying to look for an ancient language which all the humans spoke, but which, with the passage of time got divided into dialects. They can trace words like ‘mother’ to that language. The word ‘mother’ is almost similar sounding in almost all the languages on this planet. Here you can see yourself:

Madre (Spanish and Italian), mère (French), mat (Russian), Mutter (German), madir (Persian), ammun (Arabic), ma ma (Chinese), mata (Hindi), mãe (Portuguese)…

Ultimately, there are some words that have been traced to the supposed Universal Language. But, again a problem arises because we don’t know where to go from there.


In simple words, it is not possible to find a civilization which didn’t use words and it is an important part of the answer to who invented words. In a nutshell, there are lot of words in common use, about which it is not possible to say with certainty, who invented them and there are others like ‘astronomy’ (two Greek words ‘astron’ meaning ‘stars’ and ‘nomos’ meaning ‘law, nature’), which can be traced back to a few thousand years but not before that!

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