Why Can’t We Fly Like Birds?

The answer to this question is clear. We do not have wings like birds, therefore it is impossible for us to fly like them. But this problem is not explained properly by this answer because even if we get artificial wings then also we cannot fly.

We can't fly like birdsNaturally, the birds fly with the help of their wings, with light frame and light bones. In addition to this the air sacs present in their body make them even lighter. The muscles of the birds are very strong as compare to the weight of their body. Birds can fly swiftly because of their steam lined body which reduces the resistance caused by air during flight. The strong muscles help the birds to fly easily with their wings.

A bird flies by flapping its wings and pushing down the air. As compare to birds our body is much heavier. We would need extremely large wings to fly and we do not have air sacs in our body like birds. Moreover our muscles are not as strong as that of birds. Therefore the artificial wings cannot be flapped by us.

The birds can fly easily because of their lighter bodies. The birds with heavy bodies face many problems while flying. Peacock and cock have heavy bodies therefore they cannot fly very high. Penguin and ostrich can not fly at all, they can only run. Therefore it is not possible for us to fly like birds though we attach the artificial wings to our body.

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Ikwuka Victor wrote:

I strongly believe in the possibility of humans to fly. One day humans will fly in the air.

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