Why Did Hitler Want To Kill All The Jews?

There is much more to this story than one man’s hatred for a group of people or a religion. Of course, it’s important to note that the general population of Germany in the 1920s and 1930s did not dislike Jews any more than the populations of other countries. It took a few strong leaders and a large number of the population to turn the tide against the Jews over the next couple of decades.

The strong dislike that turned to hatred was originally based on religious beliefs. It was only later that actions taken against the Jews were military and social. It didn’t help the status of Jews that many maintained a comfortable lifestyle even during a deep Depression. Jews were often the only source of funds when Christian businessmen and families needed loans.

Hitler Want to Kill all the JewsHitler and his associates were able to use this basic dislike and dissatisfaction as a foundation for a more diabolical hatred that would eventually take many lives. The economic and military weakness of Germany after World War II was a major source of anger and frustration for the German population and its political leaders. Hitler’s real goal was to re-establish Germany among the leading nations of the world. Power and room to grow were his objects.

He used his fiery, persuasive speaking ability to rally a significant portion of the population to his cause. The Jewish issue was one very important factor in the rise of the National Socialist Party (Nazi). Hitler and his propaganda minister, Joseph Goebbels, were instrumental in building hatred of Jews, the rich and the “different” creating suspicion among the population.

Eventually this movement brought more and more power to Hitler and the party, taking almost everything from the Jews – money, homes, possessions etc. This action against the Jews was combined with a hatred for “Communists.” Anyone suspected of being a Communist was targeted just as much as Jews. Part of this philosophy also urged the German population to help restore the “superior” Aryan race, which the Jews were not part of (according to the Nazi party).

Hitler continued to target the Jews for economic and racial reasons, calling on the German population to help get rid of this “corrupting” influence. Even at this later stage, the Nazi hatred of Jews was not so different from the general feeling among many European populations. Hitler just made use of the issue to rally the Germans and the military behind him.

Hitler’s own writings show that he was far from being an anti-Semite in his early years. What changed the man and country was a quest for power and a love for what he thought his country should be. The Jews and others who didn’t fit his plans were used to achieve his goals.

It may well have been the case that Hitler didn’t so much “hate” Jews as he “loved” Germany (or what he thought Germany might return to – it’s glory days. Hitler may have used several handy targets – Jews, Communists, disabled etc. – to fuel his rise to power).

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ashley wrote:

I hope Hitler was still alive and realized how wrong he was.

Jackie wrote:

I love hitler

Jared Cazmay wrote:

Did Hitler kill more than just Jews?

Kartik Rao wrote:

Whatever means Hitler had used to abolish Jews turned out to be a no-show as Germany had to surrender to the Allies meekly. And the most cowardly act of the entire war was committed by none other than Hitler himself. I have never been able to understand as to why Hitler committed suicide; he could have simply surrendered to the Allies powers and could have signed a treaty much like the Versailles Treaty, whereby still remaining in power.

Adri wrote:

I’m German, but I DESPISE Hitler. I’m ashamed to even think that I might be related to that anti Christ.

daniel wrote:

hitler was an evil guy

lauren wrote:

I don’t not agree with anything that Hitler did to jews in fact any human for that matter… but i do honestly live up 2 him , because Hitler in his time went through a lot! especially as a child … what with him leaving and failing school, his mother dying and little brother, him also being beaten mercifully by his stepfather !! … he couldn’t of been that bad …. sure he has a reputation !

Kyra wrote:

@Jared Cazmay–
Hitler killed Poles and handicaps. He also killed people because of their political views. There’s many people that Hitler killed; just because they didn’t believe what Hitler believed.

Cassie_402 wrote:

Hitler was beaten too many times and didn’t want to disappoint his father, so i believe just cause Hitler didn’t like the Jews or their religion all he wanted to do was impress his father.

killthejews24/7 wrote:

Hitler Should Have Only killed Jews. He shouldn’t have killed all the non Jews that were educated, the gypsies and the Russians. The Jews had it coming and they deserve every bit of it. These days they think they own the world but god will show them. I killed 37 Jews in Germany at the age of 17, now I’m 25 and i want to kill 6,000,000 more. Go Hitler For killing the Jews. The Jews also blew up the world trade center in Boston and they deserve anything that happens to them.

Justin wrote:

the guy down there who says he killed 37 Jews in Germany, GOD will show YOU. You should be given capital punishment. We’re people just like you!!! I’m a German Jew and I don’t hate anyone… And get your history and geography right. First of all, it was Islamic extremists who blew up the World Trade Center, and it was not in Boston, MA, it’s in Manhattan, New York!!!!!

Patty wrote:

Dude, get your facts straight. The world trade center that was blown up was in lower Manhattan. Wow you are really evil just like Hitler was. How did you get like this? Were you also beaten and mistreated as a child? If so, get over it. Grow up and show yourself to be a person of good character, not a waste of human flesh. Good luck in the eternity.

Sturmbannfuehrer wrote:

Hitler did kill the Jews because he really hates the Jews. He hated the Jews because the Jews deserve to be hated for what and who they are!!! This is another propaganda of the Jews.

tanu16 wrote:

hitler killed jews because if u trace back to the B.C periods it was judus (a jew) who betrayed Jesus Christ.

Mosher wrote:

Hitler received financial assistance from the Jewish authorities that they plan to launch a successful world war. Many Jews know this, but THEY hide this fact. Jews actually conspiring with Hitler to the success of the war. Hitler and Germany at that time did not have sufficient financial, THEY met with among the Jewish Zionist capitalists. Jews are capitalists, and Hitler was the puppet.

amanda priscilla gonsalves wrote:

I know there is a reason, why Hitler killed Jews. But still I’ll say he is wrong…… ” Who are you and me to decide what is wrong and right? that’s god’s job, lets leave it to him…. same thing. God made us but he didn’t gave us the right to kill, what he made…………?

Allen Dernbach wrote:

Hitler did not like anyone who did not contribute to government or soceity. The Jews refused to pay taxes therefore became “parasitic” to Germany,making themselves one of many of Hitlers’ Tatgets,disable people also could not contribute to Germany and were also targets. Today the Hasidic Jews STILL do not pay income or anyother taxes! As a matter of fact they even receive GRANTS from our gov.for buses ($1mil.), ($16mil.) for a birthing hosp. in Monroe,NY just to name a very few.They even created the village of Kyras Joel near Monroe,ny and pay no taxes. They should pay taxes just like the rest of us. “parasitic/Hasidic”

Sam wrote:

Yes Hitler kills more than just Jews.

systematic murder of as many as 17 million civilians,[3] including an estimated six million Jews targeted in the Holocaust and between 500,000 and 1,500,000 Roma, Poles, Soviet civilians, Soviet prisoners of war, people with disabilities, homosexuals, Jehovah’s Witnesses, and other political and religious opponents.

nobzer wrote:

Personally i have no hatred of the jews, but i can see the logic behind Hitler’s hatred of the Jews. The Jews have there own society and if given the choice, they would prefer to keep a Jewish society rather than integrate into a German/other society. When a country is crippled and change is needed, all you need is a large portion of that country’s population not willing to play along. Then all would fail..

I just cant get my head round the term ‘holocaust’. I think it’s just used as propaganda. over 57,000,000 lives perished during world war2. The Jews were just part of that.

It’s important to remember Jews can be just as devious and evil as any other religious denomination.


Hitler Rocks!!!
People hate Jews because they are a violent manipulative race.
Watch the News.

Bianca wrote:

Hitler does not rock. Jews are not violent or manipulative either. Not everyone hates Jews, so that was a very poor generalization. In fact, all Jews are friendly and are ready to forgive for what the the Germans did to them.

edi wrote:

I don’t support killing children. Woman. Old. Innocent. But for what we see Jews and they believe they are the chosen people and don’t care about others except themselves then I think that is dangerous and should be controlled. They should be closely monitored at all time and shall not be allowed to get strong as it will lead to unbalance and humiliating others. That’s clear in what they do to innocent Palestinian after steeling their lands. Last I just mercy children of Israel because they will face hard time in future if their fathers don’t implement justice.

god wrote:

Even I am ashamed of these evil beings .

The land of Palestine welcomes all people but the evil ones came, and killed 73% of the population and now claim this land as Israel. Without the holocaust, Europe would be the Jewish state.
Do not forget Palestine. If Jews were nice people, people would not be against them, not all Jews are evil however, Zionism turns them.

Consider this if there is no divine being.. how cruel and wrong are Jews and did they learn anything from Hitler’s actions. Gas em all again then ask them as they die.,.. why are they so evil towards non Jews.

Cookie wrote:

that’s so mean Hitler is a bad person…..

Jane wrote:

Hitler was a MURDERER, who murdered about SIX MILLION JEWS!!!!!!!!!!! You can’t just try to get rid of an entire race just because you hate them! So if someone really annoys and hate you, would you just go and kill them? And on top of that, he claims he’s Christian! A true Christian wouldn’t have done that.

moll wrote:

Oh come on there was a lot more deep seeded issues than just a social disliking of Jews, if your going to post threads like this on the internet get all the facts.. There were family issues and SS obsession with the Aryan race which was around before Hitler.

Brent Craig wrote:

God sent His Son Jesus Christ to Earth to be a descendant of King David who defeated Goliath. As the descendant of Abraham, the earthly father of the Jews, He believed God’s promise that the earth would be blessed through Jesus. One day Jesus (a Jew and the Son of God) will reign as King upon this earth.He reigns by love, which is what this season is all about. True love wants what is best for all of God’s creation. Anything less is sin and is not worthy of His glory. All sin and sinners will be removed from this universe and destroyed. Today, Jesus offers salvation from this destruction through belief in His word for those who believe. John 3:16, Acts 4:12. God’s rule of peace, love, and joy will then cover the earth. Read God’s word. He speaks the absolute Truth in unconditional love.

Dan wrote:

Hitler was mentally sick man, I believe that the events that he had been through in his childhood made him the way he was… I am strongly against what he did to the Jews, but at the same time Jews are killers and it is known before even the birth of the Christ, they killed most of their prophets, they tried to kill Muhammad and he was a prophet… watch the news… see what are they doing to Palestinians, read about what they did in Ghaza two years ago, read about what they did in Lebanon.

someguy wrote:

Look, Hitler was not good or bad. He was a person, just like all of us, and he had his views. Some people here are saying that they must treat everyone humanly, when they blame Islamic Terrorists. 911 was caused by many reasons, and governments cover up a lot of things. Hitler killed Jews because he thought that they were invading German land, taking up all the businesses and running most of the country. His hatred was born because he was a smart leader- he needed someone to blame, to get the people’s support. Look, and you see EVERY single nation/kingdom/empire has done this.

Christian wrote:

Hitler killed himself it only shows that what he did to the Jews was paid already and he is in hell now for sure.

Lindsay wrote:

As a Jew, I can say this; we have done nothing wrong. Maybe there are some evil Jews, but that’s in every race. Christians, Gypsies, Protestans, Muslims, EVERY RELIGION. Are you really say we deserved a huge genocide that killed innocent people? Babies. Little infants and children who had yet to live their life and develop who they wanted to be were killed because of a man who thought that every single Jew was evil. We are not violent. We are not dangerous. We are not evil.

Kalvin R. Dowdy wrote:

Hitler continued to target the Jews for economic and racial reasons, calling on the German population to help get rid of this “corrupting” influence. Even at this later stage, the Nazi hatred of Jews was not so different from the general feeling among many European populations. Hitler just made use of the issue to rally the Germans and the military behind him.

B-cool wrote:

Don’t be rude. Hitler was a very wrong person. He isn’t alive, and if he were, I sure would hope he did realize what he had done. He committed suicide on April 30, 1945. The Jews were innocent. They didn’t do anything wrong for this to happen to them.

Libertarian wrote:

First off, what Hitler did was horrendous. I have always wondered why he just did not expel them if he hated them so much instead of murdering them! Secondly, Hitler seen the Jews as creating a parallel society and an upper class, oppressive to the German people! There was no oppression of German people to Jews, only voluntarily if there was any at all! The Jews wherever you may find them today are usually exclusive to their own system of ethics and religion! This usually includes running scams and banking systems that exact usury out upon Gentiles! They will smile to your face and then stab you in the back! This is NOT ALL Jews.

Mostly, the religious orthodox Jews are guilty of this and many other human rights abuses. They finance the smuggle of illegal aliens into many countries and treat them like dirt! They own 75% of the world’s largest banks…..all based upon fraud and usury! This is an abomination to God in the Christian religion.

The Talmud is a racist, Zionist religious book that legitimizes everything but murder against non-Jewish or Gentile races! It was written by racist Pharisees and Scribes over the centuries! I have nothing personally against a Jewish person, but I am highly offended at their treatment of Gentiles. I once asked a Jewish rabbi to pray for me and he said his religion did not permit him to pray for Gentile! If you go back to the New Testament you will see why this age old religion still has its roots in hatred (Judaism). They hated Jesus and Gentiles back in NT and this is carried on today! As a matter of fact, the Apostle Paul’s main offense was bringing Trophimus, a Gentile into the Jewish Temple (of course they lied about this too). See Acts 21:29.

melissa wrote:

So if Hitler was to be a “man” why did he kill himself when he knew we were coming for him?

Anjelica wrote:

I don’t see the logic behind this mean hatred for Jews!!! Because there is none!!! Why kill people just because they are different from you? We all know why he mainly killed them. It was because he was intimidated by their wealth and strong power that he didn’t want them to stay alive. Just so he could appear powerful. But, the only thing he appears to me is evil.

Pee Pee Pie Pie wrote:

What makes no sense to me is why would Hitler try to kill Jews when Jews themselves where Germans? The Jews’ ethnicity, the Ashkenazi Jews he terminated were Germans. It makes no sense.

Lauren Is Stupid! wrote:

Hitler was a horrible person and he deserved every thing that he got. He is dumb and killed so many people (innocent) for no reason. I wish he would have gotten torture like the Jewish people cause he deserves the worst torture ever.

ritsuka_yeayah wrote:

You guys are the most immature people I have ever come across in my 15 years on earth. If you really do your research, you can REALLY find out why Hitler hated Jews. Hitler blamed the Jews for the German’s defeat in WWI. There are plenty of other reasons too, but I got that from Anne Frank.org so go check it. And the guy who kills Jews? I hope that you have a major conversion in your life. I’m praying for you. I’m not impressing my religion on anyone, but humans are humans, regardless of race or religion or gender, so we should all be equal!!!!! Why is it that no one can seem to grasp this fact? Hitler was a human, just like all of us, but he had a really messed up life and he made some bad choices. He is not, however, someone who should be looked up to. Every race and every religion is manipulative, so shut your mouth. I can’t believe people like the ones that wrote on this website can call themselves adults. And yes, this comment was written by CATHOLIC 15 YEAR OLD GIRL. So hate me, you despicable religions haters. Thank you to all the sane people who got their facts straight as well as their minds.

salt wrote:

Despite what Hitler did …. he was a great leader who tried to help his nation out. All the hatred against Hitler is there because he was beaten in WWII. If he ran the world right now we wouldn’t be saying what we are. I laugh at media when they try to explain how two countries were invaded and millions of lives were lost because two buildings were “attacked” by terrorists. Iraqis the “most dangerous regime” was defeated in two weeks? It’s how television and news papers beat it into your heads… the Fact is America invaded Iraq because of the OIL. Research on your own before posting… it takes one dirty fish to make the whole fish tank dirty… and that’s whats happening to the U.S.

frido wrote:

I belief Hitler is not as bad as we might have read in history books. History is written to suit the ambitions or the face of the coin in which the writer belong. A pro and anti-government views can never be the same. I know Hitler went to extremes. But I think Gaddafi and some African dictators are worse than Hitler.

Michael wrote:

Yes, Hitler could have surrendered, and he would have been hung like Saddam. He would not have been assassinated like Mussolini. Mussolini’s own people murdered him. Hitler’s people loved him. Hitler killed himself because he felt it was all finished and that he had failed. What really is amazing is how Hitler lost his mind and sacrificed his men, and equipment. He had them spread out all over half the world. They had the resources to continue, but were spread out too thinly. He sacrificed entire armies, armies which could have defended Berlin. Stalin knew this and took swift advantage of it. Eventually, the NAZIs would have lost, but it could have continued for several more years. I am sure that many in the Reich would have preferred to continue than to face the Russians or the Courts and be hung. It just fell apart because Hitler became a nut.

mariah wrote:

Hitler intended to enslave anyone who wasn’t a pure “Aryan”.

k wrote:

killthejews24/7- The world trade center was in New York City, you idiot. Also Al Queda was behind it.

TaylahMaree wrote:

Uh, it doesn’t matter what the Jews did, they didn’t deserve to die!! They are people, just like you and me. Grow a heart will you!

Sam wrote:

Hitler is still an inspirational man weather you agree with what he did or not. He took Germany out of the depths of depression and gave it industry and nearly brought it back to be one of the greatest countries like it was before World War I. Some of his reasons of killing Jews was because of religion, similar to Martin Luther. Luther was killed for having different believes, yet people don’t see the religious aspect of this matter. Don’t get me wrong though, I’m not stating that I agree with the murder of people with different religious believes and that are in a different political group than you are. But if you take out the mishaps of Adolf Hitler and judge solely on his military history and his leadership then you will realize that he was one of the greatest leaders that this world has ever seen.

zach wrote:


That’s not it, Jesus himself was a Jew.

leinad wrote:

To understand the reason why Hitler killed the Jews we have to know Hitler’s objectives. His plan was to become the leader of the world by 1950. In becoming so he saw two main obstacles; America and the Jews. America was one main obstacle because it was the most powerful country in the world, and the Jews were also a main obstacle because they were perceived as the financial masters of the world. Thus they were to be eliminated. Other obstacles were considered less important and easily to be dealt with. E.g. Russia was considered a trifle, but this was not really true. German army stumbled in Russia, unable to withstand the harsh natural conditions, e.g. winter colds. Winter brought German army on its knees in Russia.

Lee G wrote:

Look at all you people condemning Hitler when you’re obviously too foolish to look at both sides of the coin. Hitler was against countries being stripped of their sovereignty by the Jewish banks who set up their “system” via their International monetary fund. They would create money and give it to nations with interest added, therefore putting those nations into debt. People of those countries would work for that money and then the more money that was borrowed from these banks, the more debt would incur (inflation) and these counties would inherit the inflation.

Hitler was against these contractual debts that the bankers imposed on IMF member states because it gave banks and government the power to decide if a countries would be signed into a debt and this made nations vulnerable to capitalist corruption. He knew that the government before him had entered Germany into this system and Germany itself had got into a major recession, many Germans were unemployed and he didn’t want any more involvement with the member nations and their corrupt capitalistic communist system via foreign monetary policies.

He was a proud man and was against the existence of classes, especially because he knew these bankers and investors into the “system” made a lot of money selling and distributing weapons when the poorest German people died fighting in WW1. This angered him that the Jewish bankers loaded their pockets out of selling into the war. As monetary control of member nations grew after WW1, Hitler engaged in promoting German nationalism to give people hope that he would look out for the German people because he was a proud German patriot and wanted his country to control its own affairs, including economy.

Also, Southern parts of Poland (Eg. Gda?sk pronounced “Dansig”) before WW1 were originally classed as German border areas but after WW1 was over, it was announced that these areas were Polish border areas and Hitler wanted them reinstating as German. He had concern for the German people living in now what was Poland who were being ruled by polish law.

He wanted the German borders reinstating and for the Polish to move back to Poland but Chamberlain (Poland’s leader) rejected this request so Hitler decided to take them back and invaded Poland. This is when other nations started to get involved. I think Hitler was just sticking up for his own people. If these areas were classed as German to start with, why announce them as none German areas after the war…?

And the Monetary system that we have to all abide by sucks…Hitler predicted the trouble with it and he was right in my view. Also, his nationalism was in my view, a valid ideology. I actually think Hitler was the good guy in the war who eventually turned into a desperate lunatic due to the opposition that grew against him.

goodkid wrote:

I can’t believe so many people think genocide is good, especially @killthejews24/7 that was terrible… You need help.

Bob Miller wrote:

It is amazing what people are able to do to each other. We have to stop thinking about the Holocaust of the Hitler years and do everything so nothing similar will ever happen again to any group of people.Those who mistreated and killed Jews will have to answer to God for that. Turn the matter to our creator, and let us get on with our lives or we will forever be bitter and live with hatred in our hearts.

Christine wrote:

May God Almighty forgive all of you who speak hate for your fellow man!

El PiPiL wrote:

It is easy to hate and it is difficult to love. This is how the whole scheme of things works. All good things are difficult to achieve; and bad things are very easy to get. With him it was… Let them hate me, but as long as they fear me everything is great.

I was very obvious that the Jews were the richest people there and with him being a German and wanting change… the Jews were the ones that got it worse.

R.I.P. All those Jews who died in that horrible way!.

For all those of you who want to know what really happened you should watch the Documentary called “Shoah”.

sheitepet wrote:

Jesus was a Jew but his view got him killed by Jews. Take a good look at the world today. The majority of major corporations and banks are run by Jews……we bailed out the banks and and now they hoarding the money…corporations are not hiring and hoarding money. All too familiar with Hitler’s itch that had to be scratched.

Nat wrote:

I think Jews are doing to Palestinians just like Hitler did to them and worth. I believe that every man, woman and child has the right to live in peace and I wish that every leader would understand that, none of them do, I was against the Holocaust and the concentration camps but the Jews are no better than Hitler, in fact they look alike kinda like twins…

Phoebe (PNG) wrote:

How could one man’s bitterness and anguish take away millions of innocent lives. I don’t think this makes sense to me according to biblical principles. I think Hitler knew the truth but had over reacted looking at how it began, it was religious clashes that turned out to involve economic and political issues. I just recently watched the film escape from Sobinor and made this research about the act of cruelty, which took my heart. Those of you who spoke against the Jews and rejoice over what had happened, put yourself in the Jews’ shoes and think about how you will experience this if it was you, how would you take it. Yes it was war, many died during war but Hitler’s solution was very inhuman and demonic. Hitler had taken justice unfairly with his own hands.

Jesse wrote:

Look, it was Typhus and starvation that killed people in NAZI concentration camps, NOT NAZIS. Heinrich Himmler himself passed a memo to all the concentration camps telling them that too many people were dying in the camps. In Auschwitz, guards who abused prisoners were executed. 150,000 Jews fought for Adolf Hitler. It was a JEW who nominated Hitler for the Nobel Peace Prize! Zyklon B gas was used to kill Typhus carrying lice IN AN EFFORT TO SAVE HUMAN lives. Zyklon B was also used to kill rats and mice.

Kumcy wrote:

I see that the life and history of Hitler portrays or defines the type of background people come from that motivate a person to be successful in the future or not….this was Hitler’s life how he grew up the type of environment he was growing up in made him the person he was. For us, we are fortunate to be born into this period where democratic rights are more excessive so whether Jews or Germans we all have our democratic rights to fall to.

ha ha ha wrote:

All you people need to do a bit more research Germany was broke if you trace where the coin came from. You’ll find it came from a small group of families in the USA and all members of freemasonry and the Illuminati and the same B.S. is still happening today. There is a reason why they put radioactive particles in the atmosphere by supposedly testing nuclear bombs again and again and there is a reason why they use Uranium tipped rounds that’s radiation causes birth defects and death and suffering and it never leaves the earth and they spread it all over the holy land. wake up people your all being controlled and turned against each others for a reason. Because it’s easier to control people when you divide them. We are all of the same except a few out there want to control all. You are all human cattle wake up wake up.

1776blues wrote:

Article is half right and any one claiming to be German and hating Hitler; that is because you have been indoctrinated with guilt.

Hitler did not hate Jews, he felt they betrayed Germany in WWI with the Treaty of Versailles and the Balfour Agreement. The Jews controlled finance, government, the press, arts, and education. He also offered Jews to choice to leave.

But contrary to western propaganda he did not start putting Jews in camps at the beginning of his reign. And this is huge, World Jewry drew first blood (not in a physical sense) when they declared War on Germany and urged all Jews to boycott all German products and businesses, this appeared in all major newspapers.

Why did they fear Hitler and the Nazi party? Because the Jews knew Hitler knew about all their scams that has seen them booted from nearly 200 nations throughout time.

The 6 million figure has been reduced and actually debunked. Allied bombing and disease (typhoid), starvation led to most of the deaths. We know our government lies and has lied and it wasn’t any different. Hitler was rebuilding Germany without the parasitic central banks.

Nick wrote:

I hate Hitler he killed the jews and that is just not right.

Nethra wrote:

I am from India and I feel very disappointed for the Jews.
It is very hard to believe that 6 million Jews were killed during the Hitler regime for no reason.
It was a monster world then, hitler himself was a monster.
Long live Jews.

Demi wrote:

To the people on hear that think Hitler was all that, that’s sick and wrong. Millions of people died and if you think he is great there is seriously something wrong with you.

opinion. wrote:

Hitler was a guy who made a lot of mistakes. Yet, I can’t help but feel sorry for him. He got kicked out of his schools. His dreams of becoming a famous painter were viciously shattered by his father. Now, Hitler had a FATHER. He NEVER had a step-father. I hate it when people say that he had a Jewish step father, because he didn’t. He was all Austrian.

His hatred for the Jews (I believe because I read this in Wiki.) was formed when he joined the German army to help in World War 1. He started reading Martin Luther’s (As in the German priest who protested against the Catholics…) book called “The Jews & Their Lies”. That’s when he realized that the Jew were “bad, no gooders, etc.” He was actually a good soldier, someone selected him as Germany’s chancellor. He won that, obviously, and began the World War 2. He died on the 30th of April (ten days after his birthday. Which is the 20th of April 1889.) with his wife. YES. WIFE. They got married TWO days before they committed suicide. He married his life-long mistress, Eva Braun.

jade wrote:

First of all it is because Hitler was influenced by the teaching of Nietzsche of slavery of morals and master of morals. Nietzsche stated that the Christianity is the greatest lie of all and also Hitler wanted to redeem the race of Aryan people or the perfect one as they called. Nietzsche stated that the Jews are weak people and he believe in inequality because that is the true about life. Only strong and noble man remains and they are the good people.
another thing involves “money” Nazi left no funds to sustain the life of all the Jews so he decided to kill them all.

Greyness wrote:

When a country loses a war and is bankrupted and forces to go into a depression, and 1 group is being helped out by the members of their group in other countries, including the countries that won the wars, it is understandable that the majority, seeing this inequality would become resentful. And interesting study would be to look at how much of the Jewish War art that they returned was bought at almost nothing during the German depression. Which is kind of using monetary power to take what you want, later it was taken by physical power.

So there were reasons why they could turn a population against a group within that population. Also even though this is a very unpopular view, the census information from before the World War 2 does not really support the 6 million jews that died, unless that number has significant portions of mixed, communists, disabled, gypsies etc.

I would like to point out by the way that Hitlers power was based on fear and intimidation. Also the total lack of regard for human life shown by him, and Stalin is a horrifying thing.

It does surprise me though that all of these organizations, and people that so vehemently promote how wrong the holocaust was seem to do nothing to oppose genocide elsewhere in the world, Rwanda, Darfur etc.

Also there seems to be no payouts, or returning of art to the gypsies, communists, gays etc. (Although I know nothing about this facet, maybe they do…interesting to look into…), and nobody seem to care as much about the other mass executions that happened during that time period… Also is returning possessions to a group based on religious parameters really sending the correct message, I know they where discriminated against primarily because they were members of the group but seems strange not to be concentrating on rewarding individual survivors, instead of it always being under a religious banner.

I think most of the people that causes the dislike of the Jewish population would have probably headed out of Germany in the first waves, since they had contacts and money in other Europeans countries, I suspect the bulk of the Jewish victims where probably less to blame for any group divisions, which makes the tragedy even more depressing, the ones who were much less likely to be traitors, or working against the country suffered.

Diana wrote:

Okay, I’ve been reading all these comment about why Hitler killed Jews. I want to know why through out history, from the Romes to Egypt and so on, Jews have been hated and killed. This can’t be all about money! RIGHT? They were slave in Egypt till mosses came along and freed them. Rome didn’t care too much for them, they killed Jesus and then Hitler. Jews are the only group of people that are continually hated by different types of people. Why are they always being picked on? Maybe Hitler knew something that we don’t about these chosen people. But murder is wrong.

fuzzy wrote:

This guy was a very cruel and mean person who was just jealous of the Jews and their wealth.

M wrote:

Jews don’t pay income tax, killed Jesus Christ – deny him and make fun of him + cursing him on Israeli TV. History repeat itself!

dan wrote:

What could this man have accomplished had he not been so evil. Whatever bad things he did (and don’t get me wrong he did plenty) if he had used his charisma and oral skills for good he could have done so much good.

Anonymous wrote:

Some says Hitler was wrong when he said that, well look around and you can see the problems that Israel has caused! Jews always were a source of problems to country that’s why UK had to evacuate them from it land to their “promised land ” hahaha but they will fall soon as their crimes will be under the sight of the world !!

Mosquito1961 wrote:

The Jews coaxed the US in to WW! thus back stabbing the Germans who gave the Jews great financial opportunity in their country. After being kicked out of every country for good reason the Jews were given safe heaven in Germany at that time. The US Jews placed import export restrictions and destroyed their thriving economy. If I were a German I would be steaming mad at the Jews to this day. Many a great man has warned about the underhanded business practices of the Zionist Jews throughout history, but the Jew owned media has subdued such allegations over and over again. Time to wake up.
PS not all Jews are like this mind you. There are no absolutes in thus world. Look up the Balfour declaration.

Mosquito1961 wrote:

Oh and by the way there is now overwhelming evidence that Hitler gave an ultimatum to the Jews, move to Palestine and fight Arabs to form Israel or go to prison camp,,,,,NOT EXTERMINATION camp.

steveK wrote:

‘Let his blood be upon us and our children’ – Jewish crowd 2000 years ago.
Be careful what you wish for!

taylor wrote:

Hitler is a sick man and disturbed man. Curse you all who think highly of him. None of those people deserved to die. They were people just like any one of us except they had a different religion. People are entitled to there own religion. How would you like it if you were killed because you had brown hair, or because you were christian? Hitler is a sick and cruel man. What happened at those camps were inhumane and horrible.

joseph wrote:

I hate hitler

Hitlersnotevil wrote:

Did you all know that Jews steal white kids and drain there blood till they die and put it in their passover breads? to “drink the blood of their enemys”? Did you also know that they grind up their dead bodies and sell the meat to our fast food chains so we eat them? Dont beleive me look it up! And yes it still happeneds today in the year 2014

Was Hilter so bad to not want this for us? He seen this coming and tried to stop it. We are the failed ones that don’t understand…. But that’s what they want you to do. think for yourselfs.

Also as for killing himself? why would he take a pill then shoot himself? They only tell you what they want you to beleive… THINK!!!!!

shezza wrote:

Hitler was an EVIL man if you could even call him human. Murder is murder something that shouldn’t be praised. Sad he got abused as a child but what he did is unforgivable. People KNOW right from wrong no one is that effing stupid!

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