Why Do We Feel Tired?

We all get tired after doing our routine work. We also get tired after doing exercises, swimming, running etc.

Do you know why do we get tired?

When we do work at fast speed, our muscles do not get as much oxygen as they need. In this case to give extra energy to the body, Why do we feel tiredthe glycogen which is stored in our muscles transferred into lactic acid by the process of fermentation. The working capacity of muscles is reduced by lactic acid. This condition of the body is called fatigue. Lactic acid acts as a poison for the muscles. If by some method we drive out the lactic acid from the muscles, they can again become fit for working. Consequently, some other substances known as fatigue toxins are also produced in the body. These acids and toxins are circulated throughout the body by blood. Due to which the body and the brain get tired. Even when we do some mental work fatigue toxins and lactic acids are produced in the body and we get tired. Many experiments have been conducted by the scientists in this field. A dog was made to work hard. When the dog got tired it went to sleep, its blood was transfused into an active dog’s body. The second dog automatically became tired and fell asleep. Likewise if the blood of the active dog is transfused to the body of tired dog, he becomes active immediately. Fatigue is chemical as well as biological process. It is a defense mechanism, which tells us when to stop work and give rest to the body. Fatigue can not be removed fast. To remove fatigue it is necessary to give rest to the cells of the body. As sleep repairs the damaged cell of the body, therefore it is the effective way to remove fatigue. When our body gets the proper amount of oxygen through breathing, the lactic acid is reconverted into glycogen and we again start feeling fresh. Fatigue is also removed by a little rest.

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runvijay wrote:

We feel tiredness when we do a work at a very fast speed, even when we swim, write, run or exercise we get tired. At that time our muscles do not get as much oxygen as they need.

adi wrote:

When we work fast for the whole day and do not give relaxation to our body then we feel tired

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