Why do we need Body Hair?

Hair forms a very crucial part of the human anatomy, whether we look at its functions from a biological point of view or just as a part of our regular grooming to look good. Apart from giving each of us a distinct look, which we maintain with the help of our hair styles, there are some really important roles which are played by our body hair.

First of all, hair provides us protection from foreign bodies like dust and germs which try to enter our body; for example, the hair around our eyes, inside the nose and ears, all play the similar role of blocking harmful particles or germs. Our eyebrows take care of the amount of light to which our eyes are exposed. Secondly, hair provide our body with warmth during the winter season; we all might have observed that during chilly days our hair becomes erect, and by doing so it acts as an insulator and helps to maintain the proper body temperature. Thirdly, our hair helps in the smooth skin-to-skin contact by reducing the friction and thereby lessening the irritation caused, an everyday example is the hair in our under arms. Fourthly, hair acts as a mediator between the external environment and the skin to receive signals like touch etc. You might have noticed that excluding the soles of feet and palms of our hands we have hair all over the body to sense and feel the external touch.

Body-HairAnd finally, the most important and fascinating role of hair is to be a part of the olfactory communication, in simpler terms its function related to smell. The smell of each and every human being is different and unique which is due to the presence of a chemical known as pheromone, which produces this distinct smell. Communication through our body’s unique scent is considered as one of the most amazing facets of human communication. Hair holds in itself this unique scent and helps humans to identify and respond to others. There are various artificial scents and perfumes found in abundance in the market to make us smell attractive but none can match the natural body smell gifted to us by the nature itself and whose carrier is our own hair.

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