Why Do Women Wear Makeup?

Apart from all the jokes, beliefs and superstitions about “painted ladies” and so on, there seem to be several basic reasons for women to wear makeup. This tradition has been followed for centuries, with most women wishing to make themselves more attractive and more appealing to the opposite sex.

Women find ways to express themselves with makeup, using creative ideas to enhance their features or even to hide some features that aren’t particularly appealing. Some of the basic reasons in addition to those mentioned are to gain self-confidence and, for very young women, to appear older.

Women often feel that they look very plain and unattractive without makeup or accessories. Some women feel that extensive makeup treatments are necessary to get them to a state in which they can appear in public. They may do something as simple as highlighting one or two areas, such as they eyes and eyebrows. They may use several steps in the makeup process, including a base/foundation, powder, cheek color or blush and lipstick to draw attention to the mouth.

Young women may use makeup to achieve an older appearance for various reasons. Older women can use certain makeup methods to help them appear younger. Lines and wrinkles can be hidden temporarily with the correct application of certain types of makeup. If the face or other exposed body parts have blemishes that might need to be covered, makeup can help with this as well.

A final reason for applying makeup, according to some women, is that it’s just fun to share the experience and see what the result might be.  In pursuit of these objectives, women may have started using lip color thousands of years ago. The colors were produced by grinding certain types of beetles to get a deep red (carmine beetles). Some locally available stones were ground to produce darker colors for shadowing the eyes.

Women in what is now the modern Middle East and in Greece used herbs, berries and other natural items to produce facial colors. This wasn’t necessarily popular with the men at the time. Pastes and powders made from natural materials were used to color parts of the face, and even the neck and cleavage.

Why do Women Wear MakeupIt’s widely believed that women from the Middle Ages on didn’t use a lot of makeup, outside of the royal families and the wealthier citizens. Even the more privileged citizens were very careful not to overdo the makeup since too much makeup made one look like a painted lady/prostitute.

Makeup use increased in the 18th century and beyond, though for a time in the early years of the century only theater performers used makeup extensively. White hair and faces, along with the deep red of lips (using dye from plant materials) became quite popular at one time. Again, more privileged women followed the fashion of the day with certain wigs and facial decoration.

Whatever the reason for women to use makeup, the moderate use of modern products can enhance the natural features of any woman.

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6 Comments on “Why Do Women Wear Makeup?”

james wrote:

women wear makeup because they wants to look beautiful as much as possible. young girls use makeup to make them selves more attractive.

dav wrote:

In order to look younger and beautiful.

e v i l e d d y wrote:

Women that wear makeup are insecure, shallow and pretentious.

joseph wrote:

cos they are ugly

lia wrote:

Women wear make up because they want to feel fresh. Sometimes make up is your best friend when you’re feeling down a little bit. It’s not about feeling insecure. If you’re a lady, and you never wore any make, even once in a lifetime.. then may be something is wrong with your hormones?

lauryn wrote:

Advertising — that is why we wear make-up !! – advertisers use photo-shopped images and beautiful women in adverts of cosmetics to make us feel inadequate n therefore buy the product to look like that of the models in the advert.
Skinny, pretty and young – that’s the socially acceptable way to be these days .. but don’t worry if you’re not — there’s plenty make-up anti-winkle creams and cosmetic surgery to ‘sort you out’ and make you worth something !!!
I don’t know where I stand cos I wear make up .. I guess just to ‘fit into society’ !!!

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